Apex Legends Leak: New Gadget Weapon!

A theory came up from a reliable source about the recent developer live stream for Apex Legends Season 6.

As usual, data miners of Apex Legends have once again released another leak. Yet unlike their usual small details, this leak is now believed to be something big enough to rattle Apex Legends for a bit.


When an update drops, especially those large updates that usually come at the start of each season, a lot of information is incorporated in the code for things that will soon be part of the game. This is believed to happen because Respawn Entertainment, the game developer, is actively working on the game and needs to put them in the game’s code to look at its effect.

This practice gave way for data miners to hunt for clues on what will happen next and share them to the interested community. However, the Apex Legends leak that they released this time around isn’t just a small thing. It wasn’t just about the possible addition of ground emotes or details on the upcoming Halloween-themed event in October.

Data miner Shrugtal, a source of reliable information like the recent paintball hop-up event from the end of Season 5, said that a new kind of weapon may be coming to the game.

Shrugtal released this leak based on the official live stream from the developer of Apex Legends. Some of the video clips from the stream included a mysterious slot for something at the bottom of the screen. Shrugtal then inferred that it may be linked to a new item in the game’s code called a “gadget.”

Shrugtal can’t activate these “gadgets” nor test them. But their best guess is that these are non-damaging throwables such as smoke grenades. It is also said that it’s possible for these gadgets to enter the picture during Season6 or will only be finished until the next season. So if you are one of those excited fans, just keep in mind the game development is not a walk in the park.

Funny thing is, if this new weapon will really come into play, this won’t seem to be the first time Respawn Entertainment accidentally reveals a new weapon type. In fact, earlier this month, an official piece of concept art showed up online with what looks like a crossbow on the ground.

With all these leaks, maybe the next Limited Time Mode will include the crossbow or gadgets. It’s not farfetched. After all, paintball hop-up was in the last LTM.

If you want to experience the game, Apex Legends is free to play for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Additionally, the Switch version will follow sometime this fall.

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