New Monster Hunter title reportedly in the works for the Nintendo Switch

A Capcom insider has leaked that a new Monster Hunter game is currently in development and will be released on the Nintendo Switch.

The news first gained traction from a post published by VideoGameChronicles. The report cites Twitter user Dusk Golem – a known Capcom leaker in the past – who posted tweets that the studio has been busy developing the latest title of the Monster Hunter franchise.

Here is the tweet:

He also said that the company is going to reveal the new game soon alongside news that the Silent Hill game is still a long way in development. In addition, he also mentioned that Resident Evil 8’s development is going smoothly. However, this can’t be said for Resident Evil 4.

In another series of tweets, Dusk Golem also unveiled bad news about the probability of a few Resident Evil games coming to the Switch. Read the tweet here:

In 2018, Capcom clarified that Monster Hunter World is not going to be released for the Nintendo Switch. This means the game rumored to be in the works right now will likely be a new entry in the Monster Hunter franchise.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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