Apex Legends Leak Reveals Different Shadowfall LTM Comeback

According to new leaks, a new variant of the Shadowfall limited-time mode seems set to come to Apex Legends for an upcoming Halloween event. Shadowfall is a limited time-mode that made its first appearance during Apex Legends’ Season 3 Fight or Fright Collection event in October 2019.


It takes place on the abandoned Kings Canyon map at night, where players need to escape the island before being infected by the Shadows. The infection-style game mode seems set to return to Apex Legends, after Shrugtal leaks that point towards a new playlist.

Shrugtal shared his findings that show a new variant of the game mode called ‘Shadow Royale’ would be released and added expected to go live this Halloween.

He explained that there was little new information in the game files about this variant, which means fans will probably have to wait just a bit longer to see what awaits.

Even though it is expected to go live during Halloween, there is no release date for the “Shadow Royale” playlist. Respawn has not officially announced any Halloween event for Apex Legends but after the Fight or Fright event in 2019, it is quite possible that a similar event is planned for this year.

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