Cyberpunk 2077 New Update Bring Bug Fixes And Stability Enhancements

CD Projekt Red just released a new update for Cyberpunk 2077 on PC, consoles, and Google Stadia, adding a plethora of bug fixes and stability enhancements. The new update, Patch 1.1, is just on time, too.

Upon revealing a delay for Cyberpunk 2077’s free DLC, studio co-founder Marcin Iwinski pledged another update would go live within 10 days. Now, the development team managed to deliver the new patch on day nine.

The open-world sci-fi game received quite a few main updates following its launch last month. A catalog of significant fixes were essential to bring the experience to a stable state across various platforms.


However, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles endured the worst at release. Poor graphics, horrible frame rates, and frequent haunted many Cyberpunk 2077 players on last-gen consoles. Before long, CD Projekt Red found itself ensnared in controversy, complete with refund-related drama that caused Sony to expel the much-awaited game from the PlayStation Store. While Sony and CD Projekt Red are working to return the game to the PlayStation storefront, there’s still no word on when such a big change will take effect.

CD Projekt Red’s latest update for Cyberpunk 2077, Patch 1.1, lays the foundation for future fixes. It also guides in a wide variety of bug fixes and stability enhancements. In terms of stability, the new update particularly tackles crashes associated with loading saves and opening/closing the game.

Stability enhancements additionally focus on tweaking memory usage within different game systems including in-game videos, the minimap, street traffic, AI, and so on. Plethora bug fixes should also be fixed now as well.


Based on the new update’s patch notes, a number of problems regarding the user interface, graphics, and quests were fixed.  Platform-specific problems were in the latest patch, too. For example, PlayStation 4 players will now experience lesser crashes, while Xbox owners got improved memory usage.

Since there’s at least one more massive update scheduled to arrive in the near future, update 1.1 probably won’t address every problem. Still, things should be immensely improved now. Fans aren’t the only ones excited about whether these improvements move the needle, either.

The Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection is keeping a close eye on the game’s updates, too. A translated press release from agency spokesperson Malgorzata Cieloch announces that the studio will get a chance to address what went wrong. Should the decision of the agency not favor the developers, though, the studio could get a hefty fine.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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