Apex Legends New Chaos Theory Collection Event Revealed

Chaos Theory, Apex Legends’ most recent collection event, will introduce a slew of new features, including a new Caustic-themed town invasion, an escalating limited-time mode (LTM) centered on the ring, and a new Heirloom pack for Bangalore.

The event will last two weeks and will include the standard 24 premium cosmetic items required to access the heirloom set, as well as a free rewards track. It will begin on March 9 and will coincide with the Nintendo Switch launch of Apex Legends.

The latest Caustic town takeover will be a permanent improvement to Kings Canyon, Apex Legends’ first map, which will also remove Mirage Voyage. Many of the latest features and products have been teased by in-game lore lately, such as the Caustic town invasion, or have been leaked long before, such as the Bangalore heirloom kit.


The Chaos Theory case will have a significant impact on Water Treatment, Kings Canyon’s most southerly point of concern. Caustic Treatment, now under the care of hazardous-trapper Caustic, houses some gold loot for those Legends ready to gamble briefly draining the toxic liquid.

Although standard battle-royale guidelines apply, the latest Ring Fury escalation case can introduce spreading “ring flares” in the protected field. For the duration of the event, a slew of new cosmetics will be included, including new skins for Pathfinder and Caustic, as well as the new Pilot’s knife heirloom for Bangalore.

Since the new Ring Fury case is an escalating takeover, it will replace the traditional trios and duos queues, with updates coming every few days to keep things interesting during the two-week event.

Players can be warned of ring flares showing on the minimap through icons and Legend callouts, according to the Apex Legends site. After the event is over, Bangalore’s knife heirloom will be available for purchase in the store for 150 heirloom shards, which some players may have lying around from the recent Anniversary selection event.

This upgrade would bring a slew of updates that would undoubtedly shake up the new meta. With the inclusion of Caustic Treatment and changes to loot around Kings Canyon, the south of the map now seems to be a far more enticing drop point for Apex Legends players.

After the uproar of support for the most recent Locked and Loaded LTM, which may become a permanent staple in the future, it seems that Respawn is leaning hard into the takeover LTM as it encourages fans to try out new functionality under the guise of a cool, unique mode.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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