There are two interesting revelations about iPhone recently. First, Apple is reportedly launching an iPhone with a microLED display. Second, the company is reportedly set to launch the most enormous iPhone ever by 2024. Here’s the news scoop.

iPhone with microLED display

This news about iPhone with a microLED display being available was first broken by global supply chain daily newspaper, DigiTimes

microLED is an emerging flat-panel display technology that comprises arrays of microscopic LEDs making up the individual pixel elements. This flat-panel display technology would pave the way for higher brightness, enhanced contrast ratio, decreased power consumption, and other benefits compared to OLED displays present in current iPhones. 

Jessica Tsai of DigiTimes said in the report that Apple Watch Ultra would be the first Apple device to have a microLED display, followed by the iPhone and iPad.

“Starting with Apple Watch, Apple plans to further introduce microLED display to iPhone and iPad. Some sources from IT industry forecast that Apple Watch Ultra will no longer use existing OLED display by end-2024 or 2025 as it will be replaced by Apple’s self-developed microLED display,” DigiTimes stated. 

Those knowledgeable in the field also seconded this but said that the Apple Watch Ultra will not use a microLED display until 2025, so the first iPhone to carry this technology is still several years away. Furthermore, the upcoming iPhone 15 models set for release later this year will still have OLED displays. 

In the meantime, the Cupertino-based multinational technology company is still in a transition to OLED displays, so it is highly unlikely that their products with microLED displays will be coming out soon.

Largest iPhone ever

Meanwhile, in other iPhone news, rumors are circulating saying that Apple might introduce new screen sizes for the iPhone 16 Pro units. But the iPhone 15 series hasn’t launched yet, right? 

Since the iPhone 12, Apple has had the same two Pro units: iPhone Pro at 6.1 inches and iPhone Pro Max at 6.7 inches. 

One of those that speculated about Apple probably launching its most enormous iPhone yet next year is Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, who said he is “hearing about some new sizes on the Pro models” for the iPhone 16 in 2024.

Young (@DSCCRoss) said in a tweet, “Enough about the iPhone 15, is it time to start leaking about the iPhone 16 yet? Hearing about some new sizes on the Pro models…”

The CEO claims the aspect ratio and the screens will slightly increase to about 6.3 and 6.9 inches. But even at these measurements, the rumored iPhone to launch with this screen size would still make it the largest ever, even matching the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is one of the biggest Android phones available around. 

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