Actor Asa Butterfield is Team Liquid’s Newest Member

Actor Asa Butterfield has been confirmed to have joined Team Liquid’s eSports organization, though there’s no news of his role in the team. While Butterfield is great on showing his nerdy side across his numerous social media accounts, he’s better known for his skills in front of a camera rather than behind a keyboard.

Asa Butterfield is a British actor famous for his role in the 2008 touching film The Boy In The Striped Pajamas. He has also played main roles in other hit blockbuster movies including Hugo, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Ender’sGame.

Recently, he plays the lead role of Otis in Netflix’s hit original series Sex Education. While Butterfield’s achievements are mostly related to movies, Team Liquid saw something in him which led to the decision to add him to the organization.

Team Liquid revealed on their official Twitter account that Butterfield is the professional gaming organization’s newest member. The tweet did not explain in detail what the actor would be doing for the organization but they did say that they would immediately call him if they needed a substitute for their Super Smash Bros. or DOTA 2 teams.

Butterfield retweeted the post and conveyed his excitement on being included in the organization. He also detailed how he would browse Starcraft 2 streams on the Liquipedia and how Team Liquid was the first eSports team he has ever heard of, proving that his roots with the organization were indeed deep. While the actor’s introduction into Team Liquid is intriguing, there’s no news yet of what Butterfield will bring to the table.

Team Liquid is a professional eSports organization that caters to pro players across over a dozen famous eSports games. While Butterfield is not scared to share his love for the nerd culture on his social media accounts, he has yet to post any highlight reels or impressive gameplay.

Not every member of Team Liquid is a top-tier eSports player but the main focus of their careers has been gaming, so the decision to include the actor to its roster looks like it wasn’t certainly made to give the organization an advantage to the competition.

Butterfield has achieved a great deal of success in the movie industry, so it is impossible that he will leave his career as an actor to chase his dream of becoming a professional player. Several once-popular TV and movie stars have resorted to streaming games as a hobby however, Butterfield’s career is very much active.

Sure, Asa Butterfield’s affection towards video games and anime is irrefutable, but Team Liquid apparently isn’t expecting him to pass up his roles in the silver screen anytime soon.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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