Mother and Child Sue Nintendo Over Joy-Con Drift

This year has brought success to the doorstep of Nintendo thanks to successful titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Super Mario 3D All-Stars. However, there’s been an issue plaguing the company, and even now, Nintendo is still facing lawsuits over the Joy-Con drift issue that Switch owners have been complaining about for years.

In case you’re unaware of this issue, the Joy-Con drift is what you call when either one or two of the Joy-Cons’ analog sticks slightly input in a certain direction, even though no one is touching them.

This has been a long-standing issue and Nintendo has received several lawsuits because of it. One of those who took legal action against the company is French consumers organization UFC-Que Choisir, as they believe that Nintendo is allowing these faulty controllers to be sold on purpose.

Now, even a mother and her child have sued Nintendo for this very same issue. Luz Sanchez, the mother of the aforementioned child, filed a lawsuit against the video game company and accused it of not doing its part to remedy the Joy-Con drift problem.

Despite the fact that Nintendo has previously offered to fix these Joy-Cons for free, Sanchez has demanded $5 million in damages.


According to the case, Sanchez bought his son a Nintendo Switch back in 2018. However, only a month has passed and her son’s Joy-Cons started experiencing the drifting issue in question. In just less than a year, the Joy-Con could no longer be used even for general gameplay.

Sanchez decided to buy another pair of Joy-Cons for her son, but these ones also met the same fate seven months after purchase. Just like the lawsuit filed by UFC Que-Choisir, Sanchez and her lawyers maintain that Nintendo is intentionally selling these defective items without letting customers know about it.

Not only that, but the lawyers also proclaim that there’s an underlying financial motive in all of this, as it would cost Nintendo a lot of money to fix the issue. As for Nintendo, the company’s lawyers haven’t made any comment about the lawsuit.

However, given how things went for the previous Joy-Con drift lawsuits, it’s highly likely that Nintendo won’t come out of this the victor.


These lawsuits definitely haven’t been helping with Nintendo’s reputation, as more and more people have been demanding that the company permanently fixes the issue. To make matters worse, Nintendo was recently accused of implying that the Joy-Con drift issue is not real.

On a completely different note, Nintendo did experience being on the winning side of a lawsuit recently. Since the company’s lawsuit against an online shop was successful, the online shop in question now has to stop selling Switch hacking devices.

Nintendo was able to receive $2 million in damages, so we’re sure that the company is feeling pretty proud of itself for this win.

These hacking devices were made by a hacking group known as Team Xecuter. Speaking of, two members of this hacking group actually got arrested earlier this week and were charged with fraud.

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