Asmongold Reveals He Is Thinking Of Quitting Streaming

Asmongold, a Twitch streamer, does not look to be having much fun these days. During a simply talking Twitch live, the gaming personality said that there’s a potential he’ll quit entirely.

Asmongold has already voiced his dissatisfaction with the circumstances surrounding streaming. He’s even been known to take a break from Twitch now and again to recharge his batteries and get back into a position where he can enjoy himself when streaming. However, this time around, instead of talking about taking a break, he talked of leaving entirely, as his irritation level had reached an all-time high.


The streamers’ comments began with him discussing the possibility of resigning, stating that he prefers to have fun and play things up. He did, however, add that if he can’t have fun and has to continuously monitor what he says because others would take it and use it against him, he will stop. The Twitch streamer went on to say that if things continue as they are, he would most likely have to stand down.

One of Asmongold’s viewers made a remark during his speech about how the reason that he isn’t having fun is his responsibility. He reacted by claiming that it doesn’t matter if it’s his fault or not that he’s having fun. In fact, he claims that it makes no difference what is causing his lack of satisfaction. Asmongold believes that if he is not enjoying what he is doing, he should just stop doing it. This attitude is identical to one expressed recently by another Twitch streamer in Pokimane.

Pokimane said in a recent YouTube video that, while her streams are still extremely successful, she isn’t having as much pleasure broadcasting as she used to. She confessed that she is experiencing burnout and does not want to continue doing what she is doing “forever.”

Asmon wants to quit streaming from LivestreamFail

Asmongold is not hesitant to express his thoughts on a wide range of topics. He’s one of the most prominent World of Warcraft streams on Twitch, and he’s been known to trash the game that helped him become famous.

He’s also talked a lot about adjustments he’d want to see that would make the games he plays even better. While this isn’t the first time he’s expressed his displeasure with anything, his tone sounded a little different in his most recent stream. It’s unclear whether this implies he’s actually considering leaving Twitch.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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