Atari is finally back in the business of making and releasing video game consoles, with the Atari VCS 800 being its most recent console to be released sometime this Fall. The console’s release had to go through several delays, in part because of the coronavirus pandemic that has impacted the gaming industry in more ways than one.

Now, the new Atari console has an official release date, which will be on November 27. What’s more, the company has revealed that the console’s release will come with its very own cryptocurrency, too.

The new currency will be called Atari Tokens, similar to wrapped BTC, and it can be used to purchase games for the upcoming console as soon as it’s launched. Atari said that they wanted to create a token for the gaming industry as a whole; something that other players could use on other platforms.

As a matter of fact, the company also plans to merge the use of the new currency onto their other games and services such as the Atari Casino.


These tokens will be sold to Bitcoin.com investors for 25 cents by October 29. According to reports, Atari initially plans on selling about $1 million worth of Atari Tokens, which, as mentioned, fans can use to pay for in-game purchases or just buy games in general.

Atari wants big things for this new cryptocurrency. The company wants the tokens to be used even after the release of the Atari VCS 800. As a matter of fact, it wants the rest of the gaming industry to make use of the tokens.

Atari wants to connect the video game industry and the crypto market together so that the latter will become more accessible to as many gamers and platforms as possible. Actually, Atari is even partnering up with different companies such as Bitcoin.com Exchange, LiteCoin Foundation, and Chain Games, among others.

It doesn’t end there, either – Atari is also using its own website together with the Atari Wallet and more in order to create an Atari blockchain environment that focuses on the company and its brand.

What Atari wants to do is slowly but surely introduce and then integrate the new system to gamers so that eventually, they’ll be more familiar with the Atari Tokens and will hopefully make use of them.


That being said, the company doesn’t want its customers and gamers to remain confused and in the dark. That is why Atari will be collaborating with Bitcoin Exchange to create an awareness campaign that will promote the Atari Tokens as well as explain to the community how it can be used.

The awareness campaign will come in many forms, such as through interviews, guides, media casting, and other forms of marketing that will surely reach its intended viewers.

Frédéric Chesnais, the Atari Chain’s CEO, has even commended the collaboration between these two groups as they both strive to further the “mass adoption of the Atari Token.” Chesnais also goes on to say that the use of the new cryptocurrency will only provide both industries with the best kind of experience overall.

As for the Atari VCS 800, it’s currently available for pre-order now.

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