New Genshin Impact Trailer Showcases 5-Star Character Venti

After the astounding global release of Genshin Impact, miHoYo hasn’t stopped advertising the title. Even though at this point it’s highly unlikely that the title will be released on the Xbox, yet the free-to-play game has quickly become a favorite for many.

There’s a lot of reasons why Genshin Impact is such a highly-popular game right now, even though the game’s marketing in the West is not too great. As a matter of fact, the title was barely significant in the Western market before it was released, albeit the game’s prequel was a huge hit in China.

This is no longer the case now though, as so many players from all over the globe now know about Genshin Impact. So much so that the title’s rise in popularity continues at a steady pace even until now.

That being said, developer miHoYo has been stepping it up recently when it comes to releasing trailers and videos highlighting the different characters and world of Genshin Impact.


It’s safe to say that the 3D RPG has various characters that you can separate into different categories. You have the NPCs that bring variety to the game’s world, as well as the boss characters whose roles are usually vital.

Yet, the most important set of characters are probably the playable ones, which can be seen in the way some fans do whatever it takes just to get their hands on a specific character.

Now, one of the most interesting playable characters in Genshin Impact is known as Venti, and if you do a bit of digging into his backstory, you’ll see why fans are so intrigued by him. It’s safe to say that his power isn’t the only reason why fans want to obtain this character so much.

If you simply view Venti on the surface level, all you’ll be able to see is an evanescent young bard who just wanders around. However, the fact that he’s a 5-star character possibly hints at something more.

MiHoYo recently released a new trailer showcasing Venti, which further explores his character if only for a little bit.

In the short trailer, we can see Venti interacting with other characters whose roles are quite important in-game. One of these characters is a red-haired human whose face doesn’t get shown in the video, although players already concluded that the character is the fabled Lionfang Knight.

The rest of the video shows Venti interacting with two powerful creatures that normal bards would never dare go near to. This is because as implied by the story trailer released in September, Venti isn’t some mere human but is instead the Archon of Wind.

Venti was originally a small wind spirit that merged with a young bard in order to rebel against the God of Storms. This was supposed to take place 2,000 years before the story of Genshin Impact takes place.

He may have copied the physical appearance of the human bard, but he’s definitely stronger than any human character. Given this information, it’s no surprise why he’s considered to be one of the best playable characters in Genshin Impact.

As a matter of fact, Venti is so powerful that a recent leak revealed that miHoYo will be nerfing him and other characters in patch 1.1. This is understandably disappointing news for those players who used up a decent amount of money just to obtain him.

In any case, having Venti as a part of your party will still be beneficial to you – nerfed or not.

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