Ava Group Automated Forex trading – earn money as Forex trader

The Group Ava (Ava Group) is a global leader in online forex, with 100,000 registered customers worldwide and investment volumes by more than $ 20 billion per month. Founded in 2006 by a group of financial professionals and experts in Internet technologies, Ava FX is bent in creating the best experience for online investors.

A lot of forex traders use Avafx (Ava group) automated trading software to earn money, and many of them are very successful.

What makes Ava unique in the world of online currency trading is your perspective focused 100% customer satisfaction. While other investment sites online are simply extensions of banking institutions, Ava was designed by successful professional brokers who understand the needs of this growing new sector.

From our multi-lingual, 24-hour customer service to our advanced design investment platform, Ava is totally designed for the user. Our advanced power and leverage program multiplies the power of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions worldwide, meanwhile providing the consumer with an easy-to-use, friendly, and fully functional investment environment.

Ava is backed by a solid financial conglomerate which owns over $ 17 billion in assets under management, most of them in the United States, and this cluster is valued “A +” by the international agency S & P and others. Our company is dedicated and committed to the highest standards of integrity and security, and all our efforts are aimed at protecting the assets of our customers, using for this our extensive knowledge of electronic banking technologies.

The Group Ava (Ava Group) has a subsidiary, with 100% of the shares, Ava Capital Markets Ltd. Based in Ireland, European Union, which works exclusively with clients of the union (EU) and is fully regulated and audited with the highest standards by the Irish Financial Regulator in accordance with European regulation MiFID.

Investment Company licensed and regulated

Ava Capital Markets Ltd., a member of Ava FX business, is an investment firm specializing in trading Forex, CFDs, Commodities, and Exchange. Ava Capital Markets Ltd. is fully licensed and regulated in Europe. This means that investors know they are dealing with a reliable supplier and establish officially in a regulated environment. As such, we are subject to strict compliance requirements, including the way we manage client assets, the security of client funds, and financial reporting in accordance with directives of the EU (European Union).

Ava Capital Markets Ltd. is incorporated in Ireland as an investment company fully licensed and regulated, by completing the regulations and regulated by MiFID, filling all the regulations of the European Community (EU) (Reference Number: C53877) and that is also regulated by The Irish regulator and has the proper passport across the EU.

Read about Ava Capital Markets Ltd. in the website of the CNMV, Commission Nacional del Mercado de Valores of Spain (Official Gazette: 2324) as “Investment Services Companies European Economic Area Free Delivery.

Ava Financial Ltd
Euro American Trust Building
POB 3161
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands – BVI

U.S. Offices
Ava Capital Markets Ltd.
Harcourt Center
Harcourt Road
Dublin 2
Ireland, EU

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