Working your way with the Microsoft cloud computing services entails in the first place an in-depth mastery of Azure Architecttechnologies and their design. That is why Microsoft has created two separate but interrelated evaluations for these two substantially huge terms that are very crucial features Certbolt Website of Azure. To know more about them, read below.

Evolving into Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Understanding the AzureArchitect design alone is very possible but may become quite a challenge for a candidate. Hence, knowing both the Azure Architect technologiesand their design details will surely be valuable in your career. So, if you’d like to become proficient in both, you must go for the Microsoft AZ-303 and AZ-304 assessments that will let you earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Author: Amanda E Solutions Architect Expert certification.

The test coded AZ-303 will make you well-informed about Microsoft Azure Technologies while its counterpart known as AZ-304 will equip you with the knowledge of Azure Architect Design. Overall, the AZ-303 certification test is a measure of your capability to design and implement various solutions running on Microsoft Azure.

Plus, if you advance yourself further with its related exam on the design aspect, you will have a well-rounded comprehension of Microsoft Azure as a whole. In this article, however, let us walk you through the concepts and/or skills that you will obtain if you take the first step, which is the Microsoft AZ-303 exam.

AZ-303 Establishes Your Abilities in Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

As long as you have a background in Microsoft Azure, IT technologies, and networking environments, you can surely keep ExamSnap AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies up with this test. AZ-303 is all about how you will design and implement solutions while incorporating other vital aspects like compute, network, storage, and quality. In particular, you will be navigating the Azure infrastructure and as you explore it, you will be dealing with its management, security as well as app solutions, and data platforms.

Microsoft AZ-303 Hones Your Technical Competencies for Actual Job Demands

With Microsoft, you are not just prepared just for the sake of passing your assessment. Instead, you are ready for Author: Amira M the real-world ahead, most importantly, including your workplace. What is more, your skills are accurately harnessed based on the demands of organizations and customers so that you can address them perfectly in the future.

However, you should know that the competencies for the Microsoft test AZ-303 can only be learned by continuous practice and training. But don’t be discouraged, there are a lot of exam resources for AZ-303 to give you an effective and organized preparation process.

This Assessment Guides You through Different Responsibilities Awaiting Your Career

As you become a validated Azure Solutions Architect, you transform into a more versatile professional working around the Download AZ-204 Free Azure technologies. Thus, you will be involved in advising stakeholders and partnering with cloud database administrators as well as clients to effectively translate business requirements into optimal and efficient results.


Well, Microsoft Azure involves an integration of Architect technologies and design to totally grasp the whole picture. With the Microsoft AZ-303 certification exam, you will have a better judgment of the development MS-100 and implementation processes of Azure solutions. And with its related test, you will surely develop into a competent and sought-after Azure Solutions Architect Expert.