More Details About Bravely Default 2 To Be Revealed Soon

According to Bravely Default 2’s official Twitter account, more information about the upcoming RPG will be revealed soon. Square Enix has been silent about the title for the past couple of months, but the upcoming news update might reveal when the game will be released.

In fact, the last major update we received about it was from March when the Switch eShop released a demo for the game.

Despite its name, Bravely Default 2 is actually going to be the third main installment in the series. The first game, Bravely Default, as well as its direct sequel, Bravely Second: End Layer, both take place in the same universe, Luxendarc.

However, this isn’t the case for Bravely Default 2, as it will be set in a different world. That being said, it won’t completely stray away from the first game in the sense that the gameplay mechanics will still remain the same. More specifically, the game’s battle system will center around “storing and spending actions.”

The Twitter post came with a sketch of the familiar characters from Bravely Default by Naoki Ikushima, the game’s character designer. The post was more of a dedication to Bravely Default’s 8th anniversary of when it was released on the 3DS, although it wasn’t released to the West until 2014.

However, the tweet also says that fans should stay tuned because more information about Bravely Default 2 will be released soon.

Many fans have been holding their breath for new Bravely Default 2 updates for a while now. The team behind the game previously announced that it would be released some time in 2020, and based on the demo’s content, development was far along already early in the year.

Given the fact that many games’ release dates have been affected due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s possible that Bravely Default 2’s development was slowed down as well. However, this recent news may indicate that it wasn’t significantly affected.

Players have been looking forward to seeing what kind of changes and improvements have been made to this third installment, especially after Square Enix producer Tomoya Asano apologized for the supposedly sub-par quality of Bravely Second: End Layer in an interview.

Our assumption is that the developers want to avoid the same controversy by refraining from revealing a lot of details about the game before its release. If this is truly the case, then it’s highly likely that fans will only be seeing new updates about it right before its scheduled launch date.


In any case, a lot of fans can’t wait to once again experience another title that follows Square Enix’s inventive turn-based gameplay. Especially since these days, games like Final Fantasy 16 have moved away from the turn-based fights that Square Enix fans know and love.

That’s one of the things that make the Bravely Default franchise so great, as it still uses turn-based combat yet improves upon it by making use of unique and complex job options.

For now, all we can do is sit and wait, hoping that the upcoming news update means that we can play the title soon.

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