Twitch streamer Kyedae isn’t only battling enemies in the games she plays but also in life – she is presently in a health battle with cancer. 

Kyedae, whose full name is Kyedae Alicia Shymko, is a Japanese-Canadian streamer on Twitch and a content creator of 100 Thieves, an eSports company. She is also engaged to eSports player TenZ. 

Earlier this year, the gaming community was shocked and poured their well wishes to Kyedae as she revealed she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a type of cancer. Read our story here on PVP Live detailing what this disease is all about. 

Around six months after she announced this health battle, how is she now? Let’s provide you with an update on her life today with some trivia about the Twitch streamer. 

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kyedae

1. Japanese Is Her Mother Tongue

In her streams, she speaks English very fluently, so for those who don’t know her racial background, it might be a shock that Japanese is actually her first language. 

Her mom is Japanese, while her dad is Ukrainian-Canadian. When she was a child, the future “Valorant” streamer grew up in Sendai, a city in Japan, so Japanese is her first language. Watch her speak to her mom in Japanese.

2. She Is Allergic To Cats

Kyedae is allergic to cats, yes (so for cat lovers, here’s a hug). But that did not stop her and her fiancé from unleashing their animal lover within.

Because she is allergic to cats, they have two dogs as pets, Kuro and Mochi. 

Kyedae also tried to circumvent her cat allergies and still showed some love for cats by trying to get a hairless cat. But she did not like how the cat looked like, so that did not happen fully. 

3. Kyedae Means ‘Maple’ In Japanese

Pretty self-explanatory. Her name “Kyedae” actually means “maple” in Japanese. Maple is Canada’s official arboreal emblem. Witty parents, right?

4. She Has A Sister Who Is Also A Twitch Partner

Kyedae’s younger sister, Sakura, has become a Twitch partner, who would also appear in the former’s videos. Like Kyedae, Sakura also plays “Valorant” a lot. 

5. She Kept Her Leukemia Diagnosis From Her Family And Fiancé So As Not To Distract Them

Right move or not? Kyedae kept her cancer diagnosis from her family and fiancé so as not to distract them. For TenZ, Kyedae said she did not want to distract him from playing his best at the VALORANT Champions Tour in Brazil during that time. 

How Is Kyedae Now?

Before her cancer treatment, Kyedae already shaved her hair bald to anticipate the effects of chemotherapy.

But how is she now?

Searching Google with keywords like “how is Kyedae now” will bring you to the results of news stories from the time she was diagnosed with cancer, which are early this year. There are no news about how she is doing now. 

Is she not too open to the media? Well, maybe, but not quite. Kyedae has been recently posting new videos on her official YouTube channel, facing life’s challenges bravely. But you can see that she wears a headdress or bonnet to hide the side effects of her cancer treatment. 

We’re glad you are doing good, Kyedae! We still wish you get well soon.

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