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Sports fans turn to bookmakers for opportunities to make money on their favorite teams. We will help you learn how to bet on sports and avoid getting into trouble.

When you enter a bookmaker’s office, you may need clarification on numbers, abbreviations, and terms. Only some people are allowed to play with bookmakers.

Remember: you can bet on sports on the best online betting sites in South Africa 2023. The main thing is to approach the game correctly.

Set the Right Goal

Apart from following the bookmaker’s rules, there are other ways to gamble. They are not the same as sports wagering. However, they are still time-consuming and can be very risky. Before risking, ensure you have the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions.

Although making money from sports staking can be difficult, it is still possible. For example, bookmakers sure bets are profitable, although things have become more difficult in the last decade. Those who predict the probability of events and place wiggle stakes also receive rewards.

Punters have to pay for the experience of watching sports like they have to pay for riding a roller coaster. Although you may win, you will likely lose more than you earn.

Professional punters offer their best sports staking predictions for today. They also talk about how to choose the right bookmaker and how to avoid mistakes.

Before you start staking, ensure you have the required amount of money. Although you can win, play within your means. People who make money from sports risking have large sums in their accounts, so make sure you only spend money you are willing to spend.

If you are afraid that you may become addicted to gambling, do not put money on the line; do not sell your apartment or car. Instead, focus on developing a positive relationship with yourself.

Tips for Playing at a Bookmaker

Follow these tips to start sports staking the right way:

  • Avoid staking excessive amounts.

Sports are unpredictable. Even the safest stake can fail. Players should consider their position in the event of a loss.

  • Only risk in some things.

Instead of mindlessly following trends, research the most attractive games and wagering options. This will help you maintain a positive balance and avoid losses.

  • Make sure to take hasty risks.

This is especially dangerous regarding live betting, as odds can change quickly. Players must wait for the offer to appear before gambling.

Sports experts have a wide range of skills and knowledge and can give you their opinion on how the match will play out. However, you should not mindlessly follow their advice. Instead, analyze trends and get opinions from other experts.

  • Don’t win back.

There is a temptation to win back the money you lost in minutes. However, this is not an option since bets made in anger will not be profitable. Instead, wait for worthwhile risks and move slowly.

Introduction to Sports Betting: Types of Betting

Bookmakers provide a large number of sports risks. Among them are singles, totals, handicaps, express bets, etc. Let’s figure out how to place stakes in bookmakers on the most popular types of bets.


A single risk or single bet involves staking on 1 specific outcome. Using the example of a football match, single bets have the following outcomes:

  • 1 – home win;
  • 2 – victory of the guests;
  • X is a draw.

In this case, the winnings are calculated using a simple formula: risk size * odds.

If you previously did not know how to place a stake at a bookmaker’s office, it is best to start with single risks. In this case, making a forecast is somewhat easier, allowing the beginner to beat the bookmaker more often.


Total is another popular type of bet, which involves staking on the total score of an event. Football has two types: over or under, for example, Over 2.5 or Under 2.5. If you risk on TB 2.5, the teams must score 3 or more goals to win. In this case, the winnings are also calculated using the formula: bet size * odds.


Handicap is a less popular sports bet among beginners. The essence of the stake is that we assign n-number of goals to one of the teams. To figure out how to place handicap bets at bookmakers, it’s enough to look at one example. A handicap of +1.5 for the hosts means they have an advantage of one and a half goals; the stake will lose if the guests win by 2 or more goals. The risk will still be won if the score is 0:0 or 0:1.

Accordingly, the handicap can also be negative, for example -1.5. In this case, the team must win by 2 or more goals. This staking option is often used when risking on favorites. For example, Barcelona plays Getafe. Naturally, the Catalans are clear favorites in this confrontation, so their victory odds will be very low. It is not advisable to bet on ordinary 1. In this case, it is wise to bet with a handicap of -1.5 or -2.5.


Express is a set of different staking options (minimum 2). You cannot include the outcomes of one event in one express bet. To win, all risks must be winning; if at least one outcome does not come true, then the player loses. The payout amount is calculated using the formula bet size * multiplied by the odds of all bets.

If you need to learn how to place risks correctly in bookmakers, we do not recommend starting with express bets. Due to the multiplication, the coefficient is very high, due to which this game lures inexperienced players with the possibility of big winnings. Before learning how to compose express risks correctly, we start with singles or totals.

We do not recommend including more than 5 events in express bets. In this case, the probability of passage is significantly reduced.


The system is a collection of express stakes from selected events. Many experienced players prefer to bet on the system, while less experienced punters often prefer express bets.

If you don’t know how to risk on the system, looking at one simple example is enough. So, we select 3 outcomes (including totals or handicaps). As a result, our system will consist of 3 express bets:

  • 1 express – 1st and 2nd outcome;
  • 2 express – 2nd and 3rd outcome;
  • 3 express – 1st and 3rd outcome.

If we bet $210 on the system, each express bet is 1/3 or $70. To get a win, it is enough for at least 2 events to be winning. Thus, we compensate for the risks. It is worth noting that we select events with high odds before making the system. Otherwise, even in the case of a partial win, the user will still end up with 0 or incur losses.

How to Learn to Place Bet at Bookmakers?

To learn how to place bets in bookmakers that would be successful from a financial point of view, you need to work hard and hard. At the same time, no one will guarantee that this work will give an acceptable result. Much depends on the punter’s analytical abilities, instincts, psychological stability, and sometimes simple luck.

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