Upcoming Game ‘Adios’ Gives You the Opportunity To Be a Pig Farmer Who Disposes Bodies

A new trailer for Adios, a brand-new odd yet intriguing game, has been released by publisher and developer Mischief. It’s definitely not your average mob game, and that’s what makes it so interesting. As soon as we saw the final trailer, we knew that we would definitely give the game a shot.

Adios is a first-person game about a hitman who is facing a problem. The catch? You aren’t the hitman; instead, you are a pig farmer. You see, the mob that your hitman friend is with uses your pigs to get rid of bodies.

You, the pig farmer, have been assisting the mob this way for quite some time now. However, you have decided that you no longer want to be a part of this unpleasantness anymore. So, when your good hitman friend visits your farm with yet another dead body to dispose of, you finally muster the courage to tell them that you want out.

Of course, your hitman friend doesn’t want you to quit. He knows that in this line of business, there’s no such thing as quitting. As such, he decides to stick around the farm with you, helping you do the chores and such as he tries to make an effort to convince you to stay.



Now, how you respond from here on out greatly determines what happens to your character in the end. After all, the hitman will be forced to kill you if you quit, even if you ARE such good friends.

Personally, choosing to stay with the mob versus getting straight-up murdered by a friend seems like the better option. However, Adios is surely aiming to be a game that really makes you contemplate your decisions as well as consequences.

Adios doesn’t have a release date yet, and it’s Steam page simply says “Coming soon.”

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