Duck-on-Duck Fighting Game Ponpu Pushed Back to December

The fast-paced multiplayer game Ponpu was so close to getting released this week. However, in a recent announcement made to its Steam page, the duck-on-duck fighting title will be sadly postponed.

Developed by Purple Tree Studio and published by Zordix Publishing and Green Man Gaming Publishing, Ponpu’s release date has been pushed back a few weeks. Although its new release date isn’t set in stone just yet, its expected release window is early December according to its Steam page.

The developer wanted to refine and improve the game even more, which is the reason for its delay. In a way, we understand its decision. The video game industry is overflowing with all kinds of games at this point and it can be hard to stay afloat in an overly-saturated market.

As such, the Purple Tree Studio wants to “give this game the best possible chances to succeed” and being able to do so involves postponing the game. In any case, having to wait just one more month isn’t too bad.


Ponpu is all about ducks fighting each other. You see, the Duck God is sick and tired of the world and its many, many problems. Every two billion years, the Duck God sends out Ponpu with a task to refresh the world.

However, things don’t go as planned this time around, as Ponpu has, unfortunately, hit his head upon landing on Earth. As a result, the poor duck becomes an amnesiac, forgetting what he was sent out to do.

In a turn of events, Ponpu begins working against the Duck God in an attempt to save the world instead. Dragon Ball fans may find this kind of storyline familiar, although this story only has to do with ducks.

That being said, Ponpu allows you to play with your friends and family if you don’t want to play it solo. During the singleplayer mode, you have to fight through ten different worlds, encountering all kinds of bosses and even a rival Punpu. The developer says that the bosses will definitely pose a challenge to the players.

On the other hand, multiplayer mode allows up to four players, and you can choose to connect either online or local.


There are different game modes for you to choose from as well. There’s the Coin Steal mode wherein you have to collect the most coins in order to win; the 2v2 Paint Battle mode which requires players to spread the most paint; and Deathmatch, which is a mode where every player has to fight each other until only one remains.

What’s more, Ponpu has a global ranking system wherein all of your stats get taken note of, so you can check there once in a while if you’re interested in that.

Ponpu is a game that was inspired by the classic Bomberman series, however, the developer added its own unique twists and mechanics to the game. Plus, it has a minimalistic hand-drawn art style instead of the usual 2D or 3D graphics that many titles have today.

Those who want to try out the game can download a free demo on Ponpu’s Steam page. Doing so will definitely prepare you for the full game once it gets released in December.

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