Best and Most Powerful Bolts In Old School RuneScape

This article examines the top ten best bolts in OSRS, focusing on their raw power as well as how practical and helpful they are on a daily basis. Are you looking for the greatest leveling bolts, fantastic PvP bolts, or amazing dragon-slaying bolts? Then continue reading.

A bolt is only as effective as the context in which it is used. Using enchanted dragonstone dragon bolts against an opponent with strong defense? Waste of time and money. Using an enchanted diamond dragon bolt on a pure with a poor defense? Sure, you may still cause a lot of harm, but WHY?

More significantly, if you’re serious about dealing with high-range damage, you’ll need the proper gear. Completing the difficult Kandarin Diary is a necessity since it increases your likelihood of activating any of your magical bolts (whether you have the headgear equipped or not).

Of course, leveling up to 99 is also recommended. Rigour, a full Elite Void Knight gear, and a ranging potion will increase your damage with ANY bolt, notably higher-end bolts. Here’s a rundown of the TOP 10 Best Bolts in OSRS, as well as when to use them.

Enchanted Emerald Bolts


These Mithril Bolts are magical and have emerald bolt tips attached. These bolts are worth utilizing because of the Magical Poison effect, which does some decent poison damage, especially at lower levels.

Because of the high trigger likelihood, this bolt is even more poisonous than employing super poison. This bolt is necessary for a lower-level character’s armament, and it’s especially important for an OSRS lower-level PK.

Steel Bolts


These bolts are manufactured by adding feathers to unfinished steel bolts with level 46 fletching, which may be manufactured if you have a steel bar and level 33 smithing.

Apart from that, you may get these bolts from Zombie Pirates and Sorebones. These may be shot with a steel crossbow or any other superior crossbow, and though they are simple, they accomplish the job.

Enchanted Opal Dragon Bolts


Due to their Lucky Lightning proc, Enchanted Opal dragon bolts are an excellent bolt pick – some may even call them electric. These enchanted bolts have a 5% chance of activating, with an additional 10% chance if you’ve finished Hard Kandarin Diary.

Lucky Lightning summons a ferocious bolt of lightning, inflicting visible ranged x 10% damage. With a ranged strength of +122, you should be able to put out some decent DPS in general. When you consider the proc, especially with the HDK bonus, this bolt becomes a force to be reckoned with, and it’s a must-have for boss battles or PvP circumstances.

Topaz Bolts


So you can improve your steel bolts to Topaz Bolts by enchanting them with Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Red Topaz), which is available after you reach level 29 magic. The Down to Earth effect, which reduces the target’s magic by one level, can be triggered by these bolts.

Topaz bolts are exclusively utilized in PvP since the effect only works against other players.

Enchanted Jade Dragon Bolts


If you’re not up against opponents with a lot of agility, these bolts are a good choice. Earth’s Fury, an effect that buries your enemies in rocks and knocks them down, is triggered by the enchanted bolts.

A knockout effect is quite potent, therefore this is an excellent bolt to have in your arsenal. The negative is that this bolt must succeed on two rolls to drop your target: the first is to activate Earth’s Fury (5% probability), and the second is against your target’s agility.

It will knock them off their feet if they don’t have superior agility. Use this bolt sparingly since it is far too costly to be bursting off on everything you see.

Mithril Bolts


These are crafted from mithril bars and need a smithing level of 53. Then, at fletching level 54, connect the bolts with feathers, and you’re ready to go.

These bolts are the preferred ammunition for ranged training since they deliver adequate damage and are relatively inexpensive to produce. Mithril is a fantastic material to work with.

Adamant Bolts


Adamant Bots are one of the most powerful conventional bolts, and they can only be shot with adamant crossbows or higher crossbows that have a range of 46+. The bolts may be manufactured out of adamantine or Ruby bolts, and diamond bolt tips may be connected to them for further effects during combat.

Because Adamant Bolts do not require a slayer level, they are generally more expensive than other bolts. They are on the pricey side due to their simple accessibility and are offered for about 191.

Adamant bolts have a ranged bonus of 100, putting them in the top tier of OSRS bolts.

Sapphire Bolts


These are only a few of the bolts that may be upgraded from mithril bolts. All you need is a sapphire and level 7 magic. The ability of these sapphire bolt designs to elicit the Clear Mind effect is intriguing.

That impact not only reduces the target’s Prayer points but also siphons half of them to your own Prayer stat. Sapphire bolts, like Topaz bolts, are exclusively useful in PvP scenarios.

Broad Bolts


Plain old wide bolts, charmed or not, are a crucial bolt to have in your armory. They provide a +100 ranged damage bonus and, more importantly, are dirt inexpensive to purchase. It’s nice to have runite or adamant, but if you’re not pissing coins, wide bolts will suffice.

Do you want to go all out? For 15 additional ranged damage, upgrade your broad bolts to amethyst broad bolts. This is a common bolt used by Slayers. This is the greatest leveling bolt in OSRS. Damage is commendable, and the cost is cheap.

Runite Bolts


The armadyl and the rune crossbow are the only weapons that can shoot rutile bolts. To use them, you’ll need a ranged level of 61, although they’re extremely powerful. Runite bolts are only employed in critical scenarios, such as boss fights or PVP, due to their high cost.

You can make 10 unfinished rune bolts from a single runite bar if you have smithing level 88. Then you’ll need to raise your fletching level to 60 before you can use the feathers in battle.

Enchanted Ruby Bolts


Enchanted ruby bolts are adamant bolts with ruby bolt tips and Enchant Crossbow Bolt enchantment (ruby). These bolts’ Blood Forfeit proc makes them extremely potent, especially early in a fight with a boss with a high hitpoint.

In OSRS, the enchanted ruby bolt is a fantastic bolt choice for the God Wars dungeon or against dragons like Vorkath. It’s worth noting that it takes precedence over the bolts’ damage when this effect is triggered.

This implies you should only use this bolt on targets with greater hit points, as a lower hp victim losing 10% is likely less than the +103 bolt’s base damage, making it a complete waste.

Diamond Bolts


With the spell Enchant Crossbow Bolt, you can imbue your runite bolts with dragon breath (Dragonstone). As a consequence, you’ll obtain these useful bolts that have a chance to deal Dragonfire damage to the target.

Targets with poor defense stats or who aren’t protected by anti-dragon or anti-fire effects might take a lot of damage. Just keep in mind that using these bolts to battle dragons or other fire-breathing monsters is not a smart idea. As you might expect based on the name, they aren’t particularly effective against such foes.

Enchanted Dragonstone Dragon Bolts


Do you want to see some low-d pures burn to death in PvP? This is the bolt you’ve been looking for. The damage and trigger for Dragon’s Breath are based on Defense. As a result, any victim with a poor defense will be eaten alive by this bolt.

The enchanted dragonstone dragon bolt isn’t inexpensive, but it’s also only useful in certain circumstances, so keep plenty on hand.

Enchanted Onyx Bolts


These bolts have a 10% chance of causing the Life Leech effect, which does an additional 20% damage and heals you for 25% of the damage dealt. These bolts are incredible. To be able to use them, you’ll need to raise your magic level.

The effect can only be triggered on living targets, therefore it won’t work on the undead like zombies and revenants. Still, if you can get your hands on any, do so.

These bolts are far too expensive to be utilized on a regular basis, therefore most players save them for rare encounters where they may provide a significant edge. Consider this: if you’re having trouble solving a task, onyx bolts could be the answer.

Side note: they may also be obtained as monster drops from corporeal beasts, so get out there and start harvesting.

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