15 Most Powerful Women In Naruto, Ranked Based On Strength

There were many noteworthy ninjas throughout Naruto’s lengthy history of ninjas revered for their overpowering power and courage. Hashirama, Madara, Naruto, and Sasuke are just a handful of the many ninjas in the franchise frequently mentioned in terms of pure might. These males are all top-tier ninjas in their own right, but what about the kunoichi women?

Despite the fact that there are many more male characters in the series than female ones, there are still plenty of formidable kunoichis who can hold their own. Whether they’re heroes or villains, Naruto’s most powerful women deserve to be recognized.



The Yamanaka Clan’s kekkei genkei is extremely powerful, and many people seem to forget that Ino has access to these methods as well. This is most likely owing to the fact that she didn’t utilize her mind skills very much at the conclusion of the series, and the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games mostly concentrated on her employing flower-based weaponry.

Despite this, because of her family line, Ino Yamanaka has access to extremely powerful Jutsu, and she could easily conquer many adversaries by merely sneaking into their minds.



Rin was a stalwart medical ninja who proved to be a useful member of Team Minato. He was a teammate to Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha.

Rin’s claim to fame and power is that she was the jinchuuriki host to the Three-Tailed Beast for a brief period of time, and her force of will was so great that she kept the beast back long enough for Kakashi to murder her so that she would not destroy the Leaf Village.



Another kunoichi whose abilities seemed to have faded by the conclusion of Naruto, albeit there was a cause for this, as Kurenai Yuhi was expecting Asuma Sarutobi’s kid.

Kurenai was the Leaf Village’s most formidable genjutsu practitioner. In her hallmark genjutsu technique, Tree Binding Death, she was even able to bind the incredibly powerful Itachi Uchiha momentarily. Itachi eventually fled, but even slowing down Itachi with a genjutsu is no minor achievement.

Yugito Nii


Yugito, like the famed Killer Bee, was another jinchuuriki from the Village Hidden in the Clouds. Yugito Nii was the home of the Two-Tailed Beast, and as a result, he wielded immense power.

Yugito Nii, like the majority of Naruto’s Jinchuuriki, fell victim to the Akatsuki. However, she did demonstrate the capacity to perform powerful Fire Element techniques and remarkable taijutsu abilities. Yugito was a force to be reckoned with.



Fu is a Jinchuuriki from the Hidden Waterfall Village who used to be the Seven-Tailed Beast’s host. She, like Yugito, was captured by the Akatsuki but was rescued by the Edo Tensei.

Fu, like Shino Aburame, employed insect-based ninjutsu. She has the ability to weave webs, cocoons, and scale clouds. She may also use psychic skills to heal herself and her allies and connect with others. She was yet another deadly kunoichi who deserved more than the Akatsuki’s slaying.



Hinata was a quiet and timid genin, to the point that her fighting performance suffered as a result. However, as she demonstrated in her Chunin Exam fight against Neji, all it took for her to acquire more confidence and bravery was some encouragement from Naruto.

Hinata has established herself as a member of the illustrious Hyuga Clan since that battle. She not only has the Byakugan, one of the most powerful kekkei genkai, but she also excels in the Gentle Fist method, which is her clan’s specialization.



Gaara may be the Jinchuuriki and Kazekage, but Temari, his older sister, is still a formidable opponent. One of her most famous confrontations was a brief one in which she easily defeated Tenten, who was regarded as a strong opponent by Neji and Lee.

Apart from the Tenten fight, Temari and her huge fan have defeated other formidable opponents such as Shikamaru and Tayuya of the Sound Four. Shikamaru’s shadow may have captured Temari during their combat, but she still forced him to submit despite his reduced chakra levels. Temari virtually demolished a forest with tremendous winds against the Sound Four, knocking Tayuya out in the process.



Karin had to be a formidable ninja to be recognized and acknowledged by both Orochimaru and Sasuke. She happens to be from the same clan as Naruto, which means she has a similarly huge chakra reserve.

Karin is both physically and mentally powerful, and she is most often seen using her chakra to heal her comrades. Sasuke personally recruited her into Taka, and Orochimaru entrusted her with guarding one of his hideouts.



Kushina was not only Naruto’s obstinate mother but also the Nine-Tailed Fox’s prior Jinchuuriki. Kushina, like Karin, had Uzumaki blood coursing through her veins, giving her an enormous burst of power and chakra.

The Adamantine Sealing Chains, an Uzumaki Clan specialty, was Kushina’s most noteworthy skill. Those chains were powerful enough to confine the Nine-Tails while simultaneously functioning as an impenetrable wall for protection when Kushina employed them.



Konan was a founder member of the famed Akatsuki group and its sole female ninja. During the Pain Arc, she played an important part with Nagato in the devastation of Konohagakure, but her most memorable action was her attempt to assassinate Obito.

Six hundred billion explosives were used in her Sacred Paper Emissary method, which would go off every ten minutes. She did it that way on purpose to account for Obito’s five minutes of intangibility, almost killing him after he used the method.



Chiyo lived a long life and had plenty of opportunities to learn the puppet skill that Kankuro and her grandson, Sasori, exhibited. She’s had a feud with Tsunade, another great kunoichi, since the Second Shinobi War.

Chiyo was compelled to confront and kill Sasori, whom she had taught her puppet methods to, after joining up with Tsunade’s apprentice, Sakura. In the end, Chiyo demonstrated that her ninja strength was unaffected by her age.



Mei had to be strong to live as a child in the Village Hidden in the Mist. She had to fight a brutal war against her classmates in order to graduate from the academy. Still, it paid off when she became the Mizukage and helped prevent additional murder in her community.

Mei’s two kekkei genkai are what gives her such strength. During the Five Kage Summit, she was able to subdue Sasuke using both her lava and boil techniques and would have beaten him if Zetsu hadn’t intervened.



Tsunade has a lot going for her when she was a child. She was the granddaughter of Hashirama, one of history’s most powerful ninjas, and was groomed by the Third Hokage to become a Legendary Sannin and the Fifth Hokage.

Tsunade is known for her medical ninjutsu and physical strength, and with the Strength of a Hundred Seal, she can considerably increase her chakra and power. During the Fourth Shinobi War, this tactic proven to be successful in keeping up with the likes of Madara.



Sakura desired nothing more than to battle alongside Sasuke and Naruto as equals, despite her poor start at the start of the series. The pink-haired kunoichi was able to use her superior chakra control to her advantage and become one of the strongest ladies in the series.

Sakura was one of the few ninjas capable of taking on these formidable adversaries, even though she wasn’t the star of the final bouts with Madara and Kaguya. She even assisted Naruto and Sasuke in dealing with the last blow that sealed Kaguya and brought the conflict to a conclusion.



In the Fourth Shinobi War, Kaguya was the greatest enemy, possessing both the Byakugan and the Rinne Sharingan, which a single person could not defeat.

Rather, Team Seven had to work together to defeat her. The fact that she was beaten by four of the greatest ninjas demonstrates exactly how formidable Kaguya was on her own.

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