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Nintendo, doing business as Nintendo Co., Ltd., is a Japanese multinational video game company with headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. This company develops video games and video game consoles. It was in 1889 (quite old, right?) when Nintendo was founded as Nintendo Karuta by craftsman Fusajiro Yamauchi and originally crafted handmade hanafuda playing cards.

Nintendo has many offerings currently, one of which is the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch supports multiplayer gaming options of various kinds. You can play together over the Internet or in the same room using a singular system or multiple systems. Specific features vary according to the game, such as split-screen play or voice chat, but the main idea of Switch is to offer family and friends a way to share the fun, like biscuits. 

One of the ways you can enjoy playing with your Switch is by downloading Homebrew apps. Homebrew is a term used to refer to games and other software developed by consumers of proprietary computer hardware platforms, such as game consoles that have hardware restrictions and are not usually user-programmable. What are the best Homebrew apps for your Nintendo Switch? We will discover here, so keep reading.


Checkpoint is one of the many save managers for the Switch, but it is a gamer’s favorite because of how simple it is. You can easily backup saved games for multiple users, restore them to a different user than when they were backed up, and even do minor modifications to your saved data. 


ChoiDujourNX (hard to pronounce?), well, is an absolute must-have for everybody who wants to stay offline to prevent a ban or anybody who has already been banned. It lets you apply a firmware update to the Switch without going online, or burning any eFuses or electronic fuses. 

What does this mean? This means you can update to play the latest games even on a banned system and still restore a NAND backup of an older firmware if a better exploit is ever discovered on a previous version.


Sounds like the police department? No, but here is everything you need to know about FTPD. If you are running SXOS, you will never need this one, but it is included here on this list for all the Atmosphere and other CFW users. It is just a simple app that transforms the Switch into an FTP server when running it. Simply open Filezilla, or your File Transfer Protocol or FTP client of choice, place in the IP address and port, and transfer your files over your wireless network. You are right when you think you could always install an FTP sysmodule, but it is way more complicated and less stable in many players’ experiences. But honestly, do you really need the FTP server running in the background?

Homebrew App Store

The Homebrew App Store is where you can find most of the other tools on this list, and you can download them directly to your Switch using this app. It has sections for utilities, tools, games, themes, emulators, and an advanced area where you can download sysmodules and plugins. However, just do not expect them to work on SXOS just yet. 


For those looking for a tool to copy their games from their cartridge or SD card, or from System NAND or sysNAND to emulated NAND or emuNAND, then NXDumpTool is for you. You simply supply the keys, and it does all else. You can even use it to rip updates and downloadable content or DLC packages. It is a must-have to transfer your Nintendo Switch eShop games to an offline emuNAND. 


For many reviewers in this arena, NXMTP is probably the most used Homebrew app. There are times you need to test, transfer, delete, or move stuff around. The quickest and easiest way to do these is just to plug Switch into your computer and run this app. 

It pops up as a media device, and you can browse your SD card, and the user and system partitions. If you are working with cheats or LayeredFS mods, you need this tool right here. 


Otherwise, if you only need to move or delete something on your Nintendo Switch, you can do it easily without using a computer with this app, the NX-Shell. It is a fully-featured file manager that runs on the Switch itself. Many people use this to disable LayeredFS mods and sysmodules quickly and re-enable them later on.

NXTheme Installer 

Finally, we have for you the NXTheme Installer. This is another of your Homebrew app that lets you preview and apply themes to your Switch. 

Nobody ever accused Nintendo of being a copycat. They have just always done their own thing and are not worried about anybody else. In some ways, this is a good thing, or we would not have the Nintendo Switch at all. 

In other ways, it leaves them really far behind. This is one of the reasons many gamers appreciate the Switch being cracked open. It allows Homebrew developers to do the things Nintendo should have, such as adding custom themes. These things theme designers can do are incredible. This means Nintendo could even do more, but right now, what we get are the dark and light themes. 

Hold on, before we end this discussion, we answer a very important question. So how do you download all these apps and plugins? To download what you have learned above, simply go to their respective download pages, where you can download them easily. That simple, so you can get started enjoying Homebrew apps with your Nintendo Switch in no time. 

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