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While the pandemic brought many people a lot of pain and suffering, it ushered in a new era for the digital and tech world. In the gambling industry, for example, forced shutdowns and restrictions meant that casino fans couldn’t visit brick-and-mortar gaming houses for some time. For an entire year, casino players in Canada, for instance, had to rely on Canadian online casino platforms. The same was also the case for shopping, dining, and even work – getting things done via the internet was the order of the day.

Moreover, the pandemic also pushed people in the tech world to become more innovative, and it is quite exciting to live in the digital space right now. First, there were interesting names like the ‘metaverse’ thrown around in the digital world. And while the prospect of the metaverse is still hot, there is a new entrant in town – Web 3.0, which is currently hailed as the next digital revolution.

The innovation behind Web 3.0 projects will certainly change the world as we know it today. Before we even jump into these projects, what exactly is Web 3.0? Let’s first understand the basics below.

Breaking Down Web 3.0

Have you ever thought about the power held by operators of our favorite social media apps like Instagram and Twitter? Well, with the entry of Web 3.0 into the digital space, that power may not last long. Dubbed the third iteration of the internet, Web 3.0 is set to create a freer environment around the digital space. So, the burning question for many people usually is – Is this a good thing for the internet going forward? Well, we’ll leave it up to you to make that judgment for yourself after you are done reading today’s posts.

With Web 3.0, we will be living in a world where we can have control over our data. It is a newer form of the web that is more ubiquitous than the Web 2.0 that we are currently using. This means that Web 3.0 will be available to everyone, and it won’t be limited to computers and smartphones alone.

The technology behind Web 3.0 is blockchain technology. If you are familiar with crypto like bitcoin, then you’ll be aware that Blockchain is one of the most secure platforms currently in existence. Given that it is virtually impossible to tamper with blockchain technology, it will be hard for operators or companies to limit how Web 3.0 will be used. Better still, you will not need permission from anyone to use the web as you see fit.

Web 3.0 Gaming

Web 3.0 gaming is a newer play-to-earn monetization model of gaming, and it is heavily hinged on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens. NFTs are certificates of ownership of a digital good made in limited quantity. Non-Fungible Tokens cannot be exchanged with another of similar value, but you can make money by selling them in specialized markets.

But how does this all relate to gaming? Let’s say you are playing a video game. In the video game, you have to unlock some features to get to the next part. Once you unlock these features, you can claim ownership of this feature in the game, and this feature becomes your NFT. You can then sell it for real money in NFT markets if you like. However, you must also bear in mind that the owners of the game reserve a right to a cut in the money from the NFT

Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever imagined a world where computers can reason at a similar capacity to you? AI is about to get a lot more advanced with Web 3.0. Through the Web 3.0 environment, computers will have the capacity to process information just like humans, especially when machine learning is introduced into the equation. Machine learning basically lets the computer learn and adopt new data without human intervention.

We are just discussing how Web 3.0 has the advantage of non-interference by humans. With that in mind, you can then see how AI will allow computers to complete tasks much faster, right? In Web 3.0 environments, computers will be granted a sort of human autonomy that they currently lack in the Web 2.0 world.

3D Web Graphics

The gap between physical and online is gradually closing, and with Web 3.0, this line will get thinner. 3D is an integral part of Web 3.0 as the advanced interface will allow for objects on the web to be rotated and viewed from all angles. For example, through Web 3.0 graphics, you will be able to enjoy a virtual 3D museum tour or even view the different dishes on a restaurant menu in 3D.

The New Tech World Order is Here!

There is a lot of excitement about Web 3.0, and it is understandable. We are on the brink of something truly world-shattering here, and these innovations are just the beginning. So, hold on tight here as we ease into the new tech world order of Web 3.0. What are you looking forward to the most in the latest iteration of the internet? Share your thoughts right here in the comments section.

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