Best Mana Rock Cards In Magic The Gathering

There are several methods to construct a Commander deck, as well as numerous Legendary creatures from which to pick as your commander. Almost always, though, there will be some mana rocks present. That’s why we’ll be talking about the finest mana rocks to add to your Commander decks today.

We’ll start with the nice mana rocks and work my way up to the greatest ones in my top ten list. We’ll include some honorable mentions because there are so many good ones.

Since always, consider this list with a grain of salt, as many of the cards on it may not necessarily work well in your deck, and you should play the card that best suits your strategy and theme. This is simply a rough idea of what the greatest mana rocks are in Commander.

Chromatic Lantern


One of the greatest manastones to utilize in a Commander deck is Chromatic Lantern. Chromatic Lantern transforms all of your lands into cards that can create mana of any color for just three mana total (mana that may be paid with any color). The Chromatic Lantern, of course, creates mana of all colors. For you, it’s a win-win situation since you’ll always have the color you need when you need it.

Fellwar Stone

Fellwar Stone // Moxfield — An mtg deck builder site for Magic: the  Gathering®

Fellwar Stone can tap for two mana to add one mana of any color that a land controlled by an opponent can create. While this doesn’t necessarily imply that you can make whatever mana you want, you’ll almost certainly have access to every hue in a four-player game.

You’ll always be able to get some mana out of it, and two-mana for that effect is still worth paying attention to, even if it’s not towards the top of the list. It also has Stone in its name, making it more of a rock than a lot of the other cards in this deck.

Thought Vessel


In many decks, this artifact is a hidden gem. On the surface, being a two-mana artifact that provides you one colorless mana appears to be incredibly uninteresting. Still, in reality, its ability is rather good and efficient in the present state of the format.

As previously said, the game is currently moving at a quicker pace, and this card holds its own against similar cards. The most important feature of this card is its capacity to remove the maximum hand size, which may be extremely powerful and game-changing in certain scenarios and decks.

Sol Ring


Sol Ring is the card that best depicts the Commander format. If you construct Commander games, you should have a large supply of these titles in your library because there is practically no drawback to including them. The starting hand with the Sola ring is generally the dream hand. As a result, you may drop the floor, touch it right away, and place the sola ring on it. If you’re lucky enough to draw it right away, this card is ideal for providing you an advantage.

Gilded Lotus


Gilded Lotus is fantastic, but it costs five mana, which may be annoying in your opening hand. The only reason it isn’t higher on the list is that it taps for three mana of any color, which is a compelling ability.

As a result of its ability, Gilden Lotus may easily fit into virtually any deck that requires extra mana. It lets you cast a three-mana card right after you cast it and then ramps you up to at least eight mana the turn after that.

Mind Stone

Mind Stone (Commander 2021) - Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering

The first item on the list is an old-school classic. The card Mind Stone is a thing of beauty. This card has created value in every format it has been a part of since it was first introduced in the 10th edition and reprinted several times.

It’s a two-cost artifact that returns one colorless mana, making it similar to Thought Vessel. The ability to receive a card back when you don’t need the extra mana is what sets this card apart from others, like Though Vessel. As a result, it’s a fantastic resource in every scenario.

Arcane Signet


Arcane Signet is a card that works well in Commander or Brawl formats. As you can see, each color in your commander’s color palette only creates one mana. (It provides you nothing if you don’t have a commander in your deck.)

However, it’s a great mana stone to have on hand in Commander, especially in multicolor decks. The multicolored commander can generate even more mana kinds for you to employ in your spells. This is another timeless card.

Hedron Archive


Since its inception, Hedron Archive has been a force to be reckoned with. You gain an Artifact for four mana that can tap for two colorless mana. It isn’t awe-inspiring on its own, but it isn’t Hedron Archive’s only capability.

You can spend two mana and sacrifice it to draw two cards with the second ability. This essentially implies that you may use it to gain card advantage once you have enough mana in general. This versatility makes it one of the greatest mana rocks in MTG. As we progress down the list, it will become obvious that a mana rock must either be extremely explosive or include a little bit extra to be useful.

Grim Monolith

Grim Monolith Inked _27 : Grim Monolith - Urza's Legacy, Magic: the  Gathering - Online Gaming Store for Cards, Miniatures, Singles, Packs &  Booster Boxes

This is the first artifact on the list to reward you with more mana than you put into it. It’s two dollars, but it taps for three. This provides you an extra one colorless mana, which is quite useful. It’s a fantastic deck booster for any deck.

The apparent disadvantage is that it does not untap during the untap phase and does so at the cost of 4 mana. That won’t be an issue in the proper deck (maybe with some cards like Voltaic Key that untap your things).

In general, the investment yields a higher return than any other card on the list. So, if you can get beyond the difficulty of untaping it, it’s a really deserving inclusion.

Mana Crypt


It’s an unusual card, but don’t let that deter you. Even with the danger of damage, Mana Crypt is a tremendously potent spell. First and foremost, Mana Crypt is a completely free game. It will continually create two colorless mana for you once you have it.

With each improvement, you must flip a coin and face the potential of incurring three damage, but it’s a little price to pay for the advantages. The mana crypt is not viable to have in every game because of its hefty cost. If you can afford it, though, we recommend using it in all of your decks that require a more solid mana base.

Commander’s Sphere

Commander's Sphere (Commander Legends) - Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering

Commander’s Sphere is a three-mana artifact that allows you to tap for one mana of any color in your commander’s color identity. It’s a powerful mana rock simply for that, but the fact that you can sacrifice it to draw a card makes it much better.

This, like Hedron Archive, gives you a bit more leeway if you have enough mana or draw it later in the game when you’d rather have something else. If you can keep it coming back from the graveyard, it’s also a lot of fun.

Mana Vault


This card is worth twice as much as Grim Monolith. It’s a one-mana card that, when tapped, provides you three mana. This makes any deck’s return value extremely efficient.

Its disadvantages are identical to those of Grim Monolith. In your upkeep, however, you can only pay four mana to untap it. It does one damage to you if you can’t untap it.

However, in Commander, you have a high life total, and the return for the mana cost is not accessible. It has a quicker acceleration than any other mana rock on the list, which is why it ranks fifth among the greatest mana rocks for Commander.

Thran Dynamo

Thran Dynamo (Commander 2019) - Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering

Even though it isn’t the most powerful on our list, we believe the benefits of the Thran Dynamo are clear. This artifact can help level the playing field if you’re always short on mana. Thran Dynamo guarantees that you can use it for three colorless mana for just four mana. This colorless mana can be used to pay the entire cost of your most costly cards or to cast colorless spells like Eldrazi.

Chrome Mox

11467-2611610The first of the heavy hitters is this card. In any deck, this card is incredibly powerful. It’s a free artifact that taps for one colorless mana. This is only feasible if you Imprint a card from your hand, which implies exiling a non-artifact, non-land card in exchange for one mana of that color.

The fact that this card is free distinguishes it from the others on the list.

Jeweled Lotus


Another card that is more costly to purchase is the Jeweled Lotus. But there’s a reason for that: it only offers you three mana for free. Before you get too anxious and assume that this is just another name for the Black Lotus, read the second phrase of the text carefully.

You can only spend the mana you obtain from the Jewel Lotus to cast your commander. Please keep in mind that several of the commanders come in numerous hues. Jeweled Lotus will not be able to cover the entire cost of these commanders, but it will be able to cover a portion of the cost or let you choose another mana-producing mana stone of your choosing.


Meteorite (Core Set 2021) - Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering

When Meteorite enters the battlefield for five mana, it can tap for one mana of any color and deal two damage to a Creature or player. It’s a valuable card, and it’s the best mana rock in Magic: the Gathering.

If you didn’t think we’d take a joke seriously enough to place Meteorite above Sol Ring on a list of mana rocks, we hope you now understand our strength. Meteorite is one of the few mana rocks that is actually a rock. It’s also not simply a rock; this is a huge boulder the size of a massive boulder, but it’s from outer space. It rocks, just like this site, and it deserves at the top.

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