Best Pistols To Use In Fallout 4

Any Fallout 4 player should have a reliable pistol on hand. They’re light, have plenty of ammunition, and are ideal as a last resort. It may be challenging to choose the correct weapon; players may be left with a Pipe Pistol or they may have every pistol in the game. Here’s a rundown of the top ten pistols in Fallout 4 to assist players in their quests!

Zeta Gun


Players will come across this gun many times in the game. With just a single shot, it stuns the opponents. It’s a Gamma gun with greatly decreased damage and no extra radiation damage. This gun is a consolation prize for completing The Secret of Cabot House hunt. Players will even find it at the science lab table in the Cabot House.

.44 Magnum


The.44 Magnum does a lot of harm and is a good choice for the early stages. The lack of a large magazine capacity, as well as a slow fire rate, can deter players, but nothing does the job better at the beginning levels than having a powerful gun by your side. This can be seen almost everywhere, but most often in loot crates.

Old Faithful


It’s a laser gun with an instigating impact that allows a full HP target to take double damage. It can be used for stealth attacks, giving players a 200 percent damage boost and an additional sneak bonus. The weapon mods that come with the gun vary based on the level fans are playing at the time they get it.

It’s also incredible that players can convert it to a Sniper rifle if they like. As a result, rifleman characters, gunslingers, and commandos can all use it. To obtain this weapon, travel to Diamond City and purchase it.

Sentinel’s Plasmacaster


The Sentinel’s Plasmacaster, like Old Faithful, does double damage to goals with maximum health. After solving a BOS quest, it can be purchased from a Brotherhood of Steel merchant. This arm outperforms Old Faithful in every way, thanks to enhanced stats all around.

The Gainer


For a brief period of time, this.44 gun sets the target on fire. The iconic incendiary weapon effect, which allows it to shoot incendiary bullets, enables this feature. It can be used to knock down massive enemies in only a few shots.

It has a legendary explosive effect that allows it to fire apocalyptic justice fiery arrows. It also has fire damage of 15 points, which is a fantastic stat for a weapon. A basic receiver, comfort grip, reflex sight, and bull barrel are included. It can be found in Vitale Pumphouse, an unmarked spot in the wastelands south of Hub City.

Eddie’s Peace


Who on earth will put a sniper scope on a snubnosed pistol? Eddie, it seems, is the name of the character. When you remember how effective it is to cripple an opponent, this gun deals 50% more limb damage, which is a revolting result. Eddie Winter has dropped it!

Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun


All enemies struck by this gamma gun are knocked aside. With only a single shot from this rifle, players can practically send their enemies soaring. This, though, only works against opponents that aren’t immune to radiation.

This pistol is distinct from other Gamma weapons in that it does not do radiation damage to opponents. This weapon can fire telekinetic bursts that do constant normal damage and drive several enemies back. After completing the Jack Cabot hunt, you can get it as a reward.

Alien Blaster


This is one of Fallout 4’s finest pistols, but it’s also the rarest. It’s a one-of-a-kind, small-but-mighty energy weapon from another planet. This gun can only be found once in the game, and it is well concealed. In comparison to the majority of the handguns on this list, it has excellent stats.

The fire rate, as well as the VATs’ cost, accuracy, and damage, are all high. It can be modified to deal with fusion cells by using a research perk that has been maxed out. The pistol can be modified in a variety of ways, and perks like Gunslinger and Bloody Mess can help you get the best out of it.

Using this gun only as necessary or as a last resort. This is due to the fact that it comes with its own round of bullets, something players won’t be able to find somewhere else in the wastelands. It’s only available in the Nuka World DLC, and players can get it by killing the alien in a cave near the UFO crash site.

Kellogg’s Pistol


Kellogg’s gun is one of the better pistols in Fallout 4, and it can be found early on in the campaign. When it comes to VATs, it’s especially lethal because the AP of the character is refilled on vital hits thanks to the relentless ability.

It deals a lot of damage and costs a lot of AP. However, the fire rate is poor, and even during stealth attacks, players can’t silence it. Players must beat Kellog and take his gun in order to get this pistol. It is not only useful for rookies in the game, but it can also be used as a backup weapon by seasoned players.



This is without a doubt the finest pistol in Fallout 4. It has outstanding stats and therefore needs to be considered one of Fallout 4’s best weapons. The gun saves AP but increases the odds of reaching VAT goals.

It has a suppressor that makes it ideal for stealth attacks. The rate of fire, as well as the range, precision, and injury, are all high. When players are up against close-range goals, it fits well. To get this gun, players must first complete the Railroad questline, after which Deacon will hand it over.

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