In the real estate business, it’s important to be able to generate quality leads. SEO or search engine optimization is a great way to generate leads and traffic to your business.

Being a real estate professional and having to place hundreds of cold calls, order overly expensive ads, and drive all over town to meet with unqualified prospects in the rain can be so frustrating and soul-crushing.

There is a better way to drive leads and sales to your business, and that better way is with SEO.

Search engine optimization is the business of optimizing your web presence in Google and other major search engines to generate traffic to your websites, videos, blogs, or social media sites.

Google likes to see brands post articles, videos, images and all kinds of content to different web properties. They reward these brands with higher visibility in search. This means when you rank for your keywords in Google, your business is seen by lots of potential buyers.

The online real estate market is huge with thousands of potential customers looking for real estate in areas throughout the country every single month.

The more traffic your web properties receive, the warmer leads your business will receive. People may have viewed one of your videos and wanted to get more information on a property, read a few blog posts and filled out a form, or found your local listing on Google My Business. All of these people want to get more information and are potential home buyers looking for your services.

Also, the best part of using SEO in your real estate business marketing strategy is that once the traffic starts, it keeps coming. SEO can generate leads for you day and night on autopilot. There is no need to use other outdated forms of marketing when you have the SEO advantage.

Knowing that most potential home buyers go online to search for homes, it makes sense to use SEO to get your real estate business found.

Here are a few of the best SEO practices for realtors:

Create Pages by Subdivision

Once you have created the first few main pages of your website, take some time to list the subdivisions for areas where you are selling real estate. For example, if someone is searching for Scottsdale condos, and you are selling “ Scottsdale condos ” or “Scottsdale homes”, create pages with these titles, and include the web page link, meta description, and tags with these subdivisions.

Describe the area, properties and include lots of great relevant information for your visitors so that they will want more information. Add lots of great images and videos describing the area and properties and add alt tags so that search engines have the descriptions of the images. This allows their image search to pick up the images from your website and display them to users looking for your content. It’s an excellent way to increase traffic and potential leads.

When visitors are searching for these key phrases in Google, Bing, or Yahoo, your webpage will be displayed at the top, and they will be more likely to click on your page and contact you for more information.

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Create Videos to Showcase Your Properties

In addition to optimizing your website for SEO, video creation is a fantastic way to get visitors to your site. A lot of popular platforms allow for videos like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

In the real estate business, it’s important to showcase the properties with things people searching for homes want to see. Create videos of home walkthroughs, home presentations that give insight into the highlights and special amenities available and be sure to include events and happenings in the neighborhood.

Set up a system to create several videos a week and post them to various platforms using tags and keywords for SEO and to rank the videos in the search engines. Your videos should be of high quality and engaging to viewers.

Give your videos rich titles using your keywords and add informative descriptions along with a link to your website and social media sites so that people who have watched your videos can call or email you. Videos also give your website a lot of authority for search, and the top search engines will rank them for even more traffic.

Focus All of Your Keywords to Rank

One of the best and simplest SEO strategies you can use would be to focus all of your specific city keywords to rank them. If you want to be found for properties and homes in the Scottdale area, you would use searchable and relevant keywords like “Scottsdale homes for sale” and “ Scottsdale condos for sale” in the title for your content pages, blog posts, video tags, and social media hashtags.

You will want to use your targeted keywords sparingly and don’t overdo it, Google hates it when you keyword stuff. It’s also good to use related keywords as well for blog posts and pages.

Be sure to do your keyword research first to check and see how many searches each keyword receives per month. This will give you a fairly good estimate of how much traffic your site may receive with top results in the search engines.

You can also take a look at what the competition is doing by searching for your keywords in Google. Take a look at the top three results and take notes on the keywords they are using along with their web site’s content, backlinks to their pages and website, and other online properties they are using. This will help you to gain a competitive advantage.

Start Blogging and Building Links

SEO requires a lot of content creation and link building. There are several very good strategies to use that will get you results. It’s also best to pace yourself when blogging and building links, and one of the top ways to stay in track with SEO and content marketing is to create a monthly calendar with tasks to do each week. It’s a continual process that helps to build your audience.

Ideally, you will want to publish 3 – 4 articles and videos each week to all of your relevant online platforms like your Google My Business listing, your website, YouTube Channel, and social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

It is key to create quality content. A rule of thumb is to write articles and blog posts that you would want to read to gain valuable information on a topic of interest. Check your spelling and grammar for mistakes and be sure to correct any errors. Also, break up long paragraphs to make your content easy for readers to scan through and find what they are looking for.

Link building is the process of creating valuable backlinks with content, videos, social media posts, images, infographics, press releases, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF documents that link back to your web properties. This process takes time and skill. The Kay-Grant Group can help you create a content marketing strategy that works for your real estate company.

The ultimate goal is to create a diverse portfolio of web properties online across many platforms to improve your visibility online using SEO. Once your potential clients start to recognize your brand, you will get the leads and sales you need to have a thriving real estate business.

SEO can be a lot of work, but the effort is always worth it. Just remember that it is key to create quality engaging content to connect to your audience. People will respond, interested potential clients will start to call and email your business, and you will start to gain leads that turn into happy home buyers.