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Though many online casinos entice a lot more gamblers than the traditional ones do. Online casinos like จีคลับ ออนไลน์ have left no efforts to prove themselves best amongst all other casinos. However, some land-based casinos still have the same attraction for gamblers. Gamblers even visit various national and international destinations to play and win at the casinos. Asia has become the new up and comer in international gaming destinations. From Macau to Singapore, there is a lot to be offered in Asian gambling destinations. There’s no way gamblers wouldn’t wish to add Asia to the list of their gambling vacation spots.


Asia’s casino destination is known for its beauty and an insane number of casinos in a small, concentrated area. This region of China has been considered Asia’s Las Vegas for many years now, and it continues to do so. Macau has over 40 casinos, and it is expected that more casinos will be opened. Some are even convinced that Macau has taken the crown from Las Vegas as Asia’s casino destination. Still, it is believed that they both have distinctive qualities that are worth considering in their own right.

There are attractions and entertainment for people coming from all ages and backgrounds. Although there has been a decline in recent years in the number of visitors coming into Macau’s casinos, several new luxurious resorts look to revive the island’s fortunes. This town should be on the lookout because other close Asian contenders are vying to take over the spot of Asia’s most popular gambling destination.

The Philippines

Being one of Asia’s most attractive tourist destinations, many travelers think that the Philippines is simply a relaxing tropical beach holiday destination for island-hopping adventures. However, the Philippines is home to a prospering gambling industry that has been doing wonders at tempting gamblers away from Macau and its modern casinos. The country has a booming gambling culture, which even has been taking visitors’ attention away from Macau. The country offers modern mega-casinos that have proved to be tough competitors for Macau’s offerings.


Singapore comprises for its low number of casinos through grand offerings. With the opening of casinos, Singapore’s gaming industry has constantly landed in the world’s top 10. This is pretty incredible since the citizens make up 60% of the gamblers. Singaporeans face a high fine for going into a casino in the first place. The common belief is that China’s cleaning-out corruption has redirected gamblers from Macau to the island country.

Singapore is an amazing holiday destination where one can also enjoy a fabulous casino night as a part of the vacation. As one may assume, Singapore does not have many casinos. It only has two, but just like everything else in the country, everything is clean, luxurious, and well-thought.

However, when not playing the slots, gamblers can have fun on one of 500 gaming tables, enjoy at the waterpark, get over the rides or have a visit to the exotic marine life in the Aquarium.

South Korea

However, it is illegal for South Korean locals to gamble, but foreigners and tourists are completely allowed to do so legally. Visiting South Korean casinos will not be likely to meet local players. The country has one of the strictest laws against gambling, as all gambling activities in South Korea and abroad are illegal to South Korean citizens.

This is one of those few countries that has applied different gambling rules for its citizens and foreigners. Still, for South Koreans, this might be the country for them as in terms of a technological powerhouse, South Korea offers some of the most exciting and modern casino gambling in all of Asia. It’s well-known that South Korea is a giant went it comes to technology. This never disappoints when it comes to their gaming machine offerings.

Many traveler-exclusive establishments may not be as flashy as some of the casinos found in Macau or Singapore, still offer the standard selection of table games and a great selection of electronic gaming machines. Most gambling places remain quite small and unassuming because locals are prohibited from playing.

Until this changes, it isn’t likely that any casinos will rival the grandness of those found in other countries. In saying that, the originality of being in casinos full of tourists is something that tends to create a lively atmosphere in the casinos that is worth checking out.

There’s also a vacationer-only casino, which may not be as luxurious as the casinos found in other Asian countries but offers the expected gaming range of technology-based machines and gambling tables. Other gambling establishments are quaint and modest, as they are not open to the locals.

Unless there are legislative changes made to the laws surrounding the South Korean population’s ability to gamble, the other Asian countries’ impression when it comes to gaming destinations can’t be seen.


Although Malaysia is not known for being a casino destination, its only proper casino is worth checking out. Genting Casino is a lot more than just the things anyone would expect from a casino. The casino is a part of a big hotel complex where it is possible to go for some shopping, enjoy excellent food and beautiful night shows. Genting Casino promotes various deals and offers, and its enormous floor of table games is worth to see. Visitors are in awe when they see the forest theme, which brings the ambiance of the bushy greenery outdoors, indoor.

However, it should be noted that Malaysian society still views gambling as a bit indecent, making itself not as popular as those in other Asian countries.


Popular gaming destinations in Asia vary widely. There is not any homogenous experience like the States. Gamblers will find anything from the Vegas experiences to a smaller, slower casino landscape. It all depends on the country as well as the culture’s view on gambling.

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