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You can simply get a sprinkler if you don’t want to waste your time watering plants with a watering can. It is a crafted item that helps you to water four tiles of plants at once.

You can keep sprinklers in a different layout to efficiently water your crops. There are different layouts you can use for sprinklers. If you want to know about the best sprinkler layout in Stardew Valley, continue reading this article.

What is a Sprinkler in Stardew Valley?

A sprinkler is a device that automatically waters your crops. It can be crafted once you reach farming level 2. There are three different types of sprinklers in Stardew Valley. The basic type of water is four tiles. It is not very effective but will help you grow more crops. The basic sprinkler can be destroyed with an ax or pickaxe, so you might want to upgrade it to a better one.

Crops are extremely important in the game if you want to keep your animals happy. Many players ignore the crops, and then they wonder why do chickens look sad; well, take care of your crops, and everything will be alright!

Because who would like to see apart from the basic sprinkler, you can also use quality sprinklers and iridium sprinklers. While quality sprinkler helps to water eight tiles, iridium sprinkler helps to water 24 tiles. There are many benefits to using a sprinkler in Stardew Valley. It reduces watering time, as well as lowers energy usage.

A sprinkler can automatically water your crops while you play the game. This allows you to earn money from selling your crops while saving your precious time. You’ll be able to easily water all of your crops and save a lot of space.

Best Sprinkler Layout in Stardew Valley

Are you looking for the best sprinkler layout in Stardew Valley? There are many different options to consider, including Basic, Quality, and Iridium sprinkler layouts.

Basic Sprinkler

The Basic Sprinkler layout is a basic structure that is used later on in the game to water crops. They can be scattered diagonally or square-shaped. If you’re planning to scatter them, try using them in a diagonal layout.

Using these structures allows for a more efficient spread of water. You can craft this sprinkler when you reach level 8. It helps you to automatically water four tiles at once. In order to craft this sprinkler, you just need to use one copper bar and one iron bar. In order to properly water your crops, you’ll need to place the basic sprinkler in the center of your plot.

It’s important to remember that a basic sprinkler only has water tiles that have been tilled, so make sure your square is centered. A good sprinkler will water four adjacent tiles.

Quality Sprinkler Layout

If you are looking to maximize your farming output and speed up mid to late-game progress, then the Quality Sprinkler layout is for you. This one is more expensive than the other sprinkler types, but it allows you to spread your crops quite a distance.

You can only craft this type of sprinkler when you reach farming level 6. It helps you to water eight tiles at once easily. In order to craft this sprinkler, you just need one gold bar, one iron bar, and one refined quartz. When it comes to watering, a quality sprinkler in Stardew Valley is the best option. Placed two squares apart, they water the area around them evenly.

You can use it in a 3×3 square layout. They also cover a large area of the same crop and can water different types of plants. These sprinklers are easy to place and craft.

Iridium Sprinkler Layout

You can maximize your farming space by placing iridium sprinklers in five-by-five squares. You will need a minimum of four sprinklers to water your entire farm. You can also place the sprinklers on the highest corners of a plot.

Depending on how many you plan to place, you can choose between a standard or iridium sprinkler layout. Iridium Sprinklers are a type of farming reward in the game. Using an iridium sprinkler can water up to 24 tilled tiles every morning.

You can use this sprinkler in a 5×5 layout and leave eight tiles in between. You can craft this type of sprinkler when you reach farming level 9. To craft this sprinkler, you need one gold bar, one iridium bar, and one battery pack.


If you are looking for the best sprinkler layout, you can choose between basic, quality, and iridium sprinkler. If you have a small farm, you can use multiple basic sprinklers. However, you can use multiple quality or iridium sprinklers if you have a large farm. You can use iridium sprinklers in a 5×5 square layout and quality sprinklers in a 3×3 square layout.

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