With every new update on its OS, Apple always brings something new to the table. Likewise, with its iOS 13, Apple introduced the option to invert pictures via the Photos app, among many other updates. 

Once you invert a photo, it will change its position. The left will be shifted to the right, and everything will get mirrored.

The steps to invert a picture on iPhone are a piece of cake. We will find out these steps right now. Plus, you will also learn how to invert colors on your iPhone. 

Here Is How To Invert A Picture On iPhone

By Using The Photos Edit Tool

For an image already saved or downloaded, you can use the Photos app’s built-in Edit tool to invert it. The steps are simple and can be done in a minute or so. 

  1. Launch the Photos app.
  2. Select a photo.
  3. Then, tap Edit on the uppermost right region of your screen.

  1. Now, tap the Crop/Resize button on the bottom of your phone. 

  1. You can see the arrow over the two triangle shapes in the top-left corner. This is the Invert icon. Tap this.

  1. Press Done. Voila. 

By Using The Front Camera

You can also create inverted photos by capturing them with your iPhone’s front camera. For that, the only requirement is to toggle on the Mirror Front Camera option from the settings of your phone. Here are the steps. 

  1. Open the Settings menu of your phone.
  2. Then, scroll down and choose Camera.
  3. Head to the Composition section and toggle on the Mirror Front Camera option.

  1. After that, simply capture the photo from your phone’s front camera, and your photo will appear inverted.

Up next is how to invert colors on iPhone photos.

Here Is How To Invert Colors On iPhone Photos

You can invert colors on your iPhone photo using the inbuilt filter feature of the Photos app. Follow the steps below. 

  1. Launch the Photos app on your iPhone.
  2. Select the photo you want to invert the colors of.
  3. On the top-right corner, tap on the Edit option.
  4. On the lower right corner of the screen, tap on the adjustment button. 
  5. To invert the colors in your image, tap the Invert Colors button on the screen.
  6. Click Done to save the changes you made to your photo.

It is easy to invert pictures and image colors on your iPhone, right? 

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