The internet has brought us a lot of inventions and commodities. No matter their location, virtually everyone has access to new services that make life easier. Instead of going to the supermarket, we just simply need to place an order online and have it delivered to us. We can skip the hassle of long lines and waiting times in cinemas by watching movies in the comfort of our own house. Even real money casino venues have changed their focus to the digital world, and safe sites for playing casino games online are a reality.

Nevertheless, we aren’t completely safe even when ensconced at home. Scammers and hackers are working non-stop to violate our cybersecurity and steal money and information, and spam messages are one of the most popular methods to swindle us out of our money. Today dear readers, let’s take a look at how these seemingly harmless texts are used to steal our winnings even before we bet.

Spamming – a Veiled Threat

We all think of spam as those obnoxious emails or text messages we get with fishy offers or stories of dead people that will come to haunt you if you don’t pass them along. There was even a big craze at the beginning of the century, with emails going around of satanic cults kidnapping and killing people.

Yet while this fake paranoia of danger has almost completely died off, there is another, darker threat hanging in the digital world. Spam has become the hidden agent in getting malware and fake, dangerous links as close to us as possible. With the continuous rise of online gambling in recent years, hackers and scammers have become bolder, and target vulnerable patrons with scam online casino bonuses, among many other things. Let’s take a look at some of the most common methods these criminals use.

Phishing – Scare To Scam

While the safety on online casino sites is quite high, the safety of our mail is sadly not so much. A method that has become quite common, particularly among people who use online transactions a lot i.e. online gamblers. Phishing employs one of our most primal emotions against us, fear. The phishing method consists of a hacker making themselves pass as a reputable institution with whom we are linked, be it a bank or our favorite online casino games venue, and sending an email.

This email contains a highly alarming message, requesting immediate action either to avoid a supposed danger or to claim a one-time limited offer. This particular action usually requires us to access a particular link in which we would then enter our sensitive information such as our credit card information.

Once we enter that information, we would be directed to a confirmation window which would state that we have successfully claimed our prize or verified our data with our bank, sadly at this point we have already lost. The link redirects to a website managed by the hacker, on which by inputting all of our information we are essentially gifting the hacker all the details.

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Defensive Measures Against Phishing

Remember that no institution will ask for your information, be it a bank, online casino, or even delivery services. If you ever receive an email asking for your information on another website, immediately delete it and block the sender.

Malware Setting – the Silent Assassin

The other method which we will analyze on this opportunity is most likely the most dangerous one, as there are few means of detecting it until it’s too late. Malware involves again a spam mail, but on this mail, there is an attachment that, once opened, releases all kinds of viruses and tracking ware on our computers. You may think, “well, I can just simply not open the attached file and everything will be ok right?” sadly friends, the story goes a different way. The most dangerous aspect of these emails is that the malware may be hidden within the mail itself, not necessarily in an attachment, and just opening the email is more than enough to infect our systems.

Defensive Measures Against Malware

In this regard, the first step is to always verify the source account for any suspicious email you may receive before opening it. You may receive notifications from your bank and favorite casino from time to time, but these will always come from a certain source that is verifiable.

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The Fight Continues

Many more methods are employed by hackers and scammers to steal our information. This list is just the beginning, a starting point for all of our readers to be ready and on the hunt for any suspicious activity on their systems. Stay safe, be vigilant, run an effective security app or ani-virus, and trust no mail that you don’t recognize the senders.

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