Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is quickly catching up to the tech billionaires in terms of net worth.

The enigmatic Binance CEO is worth an estimated $96 billion, according to a Bloomberg investigation published on January 9 that evaluated crypto’s wealthiest. Zhao will be the wealthiest person in Asia if the Bloomberg Billionaires Index is true.

Despite the fact that he had not yet been included in the Index at the time of writing, the article suggested that his wealth places him ahead of Mukesh Ambani, India’s current richest man.

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The 11th richest person in the world

According to Bloomberg, Zhao is worth twice as much as Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma, who is estimated to be worth $40 billion. Eight of the top ten richest people on the planet are American technology billionaires.

Zhao may soon join them, as he is not far behind Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who are both estimated to be worth $120 billion.


The world’s wealthiest men

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is fifth on the list, with an estimated net worth of $124 billion, just ahead of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who has a net worth of $135 billion.

According to Bloomberg’s Index, Elon Musk, who is rumored to be worth $263 billion, is at the top of the list. In comparison, the Winklevoss twins are worth approximately $5 billion each.

According to the study, Zhao’s crypto assets may increase his wealth.

Zhao’s fortune might be substantially larger because the estimate excludes his crypto assets, including Bitcoin and his company’s token.

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