SIDUS HEROES, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), Play-to-Earn (P2E) metaverse game, has just revealed what each beta version has in store for its players. If the high-quality HD graphics aren’t enough to pique your curiosity, SIDUS HEROES has promised a plethora of earning chances.

The NFT collection goes on sale in January. The beta versions will be issued in three stages: closed beta version 1.0 on January 10th, open beta 2.0 on January 23rd, and open beta 3.0 on February 14th, which is Valentine’s Day. According to a recent SIDUS statement, users will play the game as long as they have one Hero. However, it is recommended that a team of three Heroes is established if you want to develop faster and gain more awards. This is the ideal method to get the most out of the game.

SIDUS HEROES has divided its NFTs into two categories: GENESIS and ACADEMY. On January 10th, SIDUS HEROES will release a closed beta version of the game that will only be available to owners of NFTs from the SIDUS GENESIS collection. On January 23rd, the team will release the public beta version, which will be available to owners of NFTs from the SIDUS GENESIS or SIDUS ACADEMY collections.

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SIDUS HEROES intends to release beta version 3.0 on February 14th. Both collections’ heroes will feature three rarity levels — Common, Epic, and Legendary — as well as three separate race kinds and fighting skills — VOLTRONE, OGYA, and RAPTORIAN.

There will be four sorts of weapons in each of the three releases: kinetic, thermal, fire, and hydrogenic. In future generations, more firepower will be available. Furthermore, beta version 1.0 does not have any armor; beta 2.0 will include Common and Uncommon gear; and beta 3.0 will include extra unique armor.

In contrast to the closed beta (v1.0), which had no armored NFTs, both open beta versions (v2.0 & v3.0) will contain three armor classes – VOLTRONE, OGYA, and RAPTORIAN. Gadgets and a Hero upgrade system will be available only in the 3.0 edition.

There will be various battle areas in the game, each unique experience. The Closed Beta will feature two arenas: RAPTORIAN and VOLTRONE, while the Open Beta will feature four arenas: SIDUS STATION, VOLTRONE’S PLANET, OGYA’S PLANET, and RAPTORIAN’S PLANET.

Furthermore, “Boss” levels for cooperative and competitive gameplay will be included in each release. There is only one boss in the 1.0 edition, an Elemental Tesseract with two bosses. The 2.0 edition will include the Robot and Mushroom, while the 3.0 version will include all of the previously stated bosses as well as one more – the Slug.

Only the open beta v3.0 version will include functional aspects for each of the environments that can be utilized in unique tactical circumstances. Furthermore, all three releases will be included in the inaugural season — the Rookie League.

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