Microsoft Bing has just bumped up its chat limit recently. Bing Head of Engineering and Product, Jordi Ribas, confirmed this in a recent announcement on Twitter, saying the search engine bot can now cater to 30 chat turns per conversation or 300 chat limit a day.

The last time Microsoft increased the chat limit on Bing was in March. Nevertheless, Today’s announcement is significant as it seems the company is gradually lifting the limit on Bing. To recall, the software giant implemented the limit when reports about misbehaving Bing Chat, AKA “Sydney,” started. According to the company, long conversations could confuse the bot, forcing it to limit the number of daily chats. Yet, this ceiling seems to be going away bit by bit. Even more, a Microsoft executive recently hinted at a possible Sydney comeback

The news follows other improvements Microsoft made on Bing, such as the introduction of a Bing widget for Android and SwiftKey Bing improvements. The company also recently made sport grounding enhancements to Bing and its disengagement rate.

In the future, more things are expected to arrive, including third-party plugins for Bing Chat and a complete integration of Bing on Windows, which will be called Windows Copilot. According to the company, the upcoming Copilot for Windows will accept various commands from users, from changing the PC’s settings to creating compositions and summarizing texts. Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay also noted it could answer complicated queries like the regular Bing Chat.

“Just like you would with Bing Chat, you can ask Windows Copilot a range of questions from simple to complex,” Panay shared in the blog post. “If I want to call my family in Cyprus, I can quickly check the local time to make sure I’m not waking them up in the middle of the night. If I want to plan a trip to visit them in Cyprus, I can ask Windows Copilot to find my family flights and accommodations for mid-winter break.”

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