Bitcoin has seen a nose-dive this week; dropping 20% which has not been seen by the likes of the crypto giant through its life span.

Does this mean that the cryptocurrency world is changing, in such a short time of its existence? And if so, what cryptocurrency will take its spot as top dog?

The insinuation, or at least, the whispers through Reddit, other online forums, and Hacker News, is that meme coin whales, like Shiba Inu and emerging currencies like HUH Token, are set to rival Bitcoin for the top dog spot.

How Will Meme Coin Rival Bitcoin?

That is the burning question on new and seasoned investors’ minds, given the triumphant reign that Bitcoin has had since 2009.

Meme coins, unlike Bitcoin, have the ability to adapt to their surroundings, much like a chameleon lizard, and invite an electrically charged field of excitement because of that.

Being able to invest in meme coin, that has gained enormous traction through simple tactics, is, for want of a better phrase, like taking candy from a baby.

From the likes of Shiba Inu, who pioneered the best marketing tools in the business, to HUH Token who have pioneered dual-currency for a more secure investment. There’s nothing that meme coin won’t conquer and that might include its founding father: Bitcoin.

Why Invest Differently when It’s Worked in the Past?

It’s always smart to ask whether there’s any such thing as a safe bet? Or as the old saying goes, better the devil you know, right? But that’s not always how the game is played, especially when investments come down to a game of popularity as opposed to a game of poker.

Bitcoin grew in popularity for one simple reason, it was the first of its kind that changed the way money, investment, and how future economies could work.

Meme Coins rose to popularity because they harness something that Bitcoin seemed to forget: the investor.

Meme Coins allow for a closer relationship between user and currency, and that’s revolutionizing the crypto world. Just how social media bought the likes of the Kardashians to unimaginable fame.

Meme Coins like Shiba Inu and HUH Token are changing the face of the crypto world, and investors should be along for the ride or else miss out on an amazing opportunity at the previse of change.

The Rise and Fall of Empires

It’s no secret given that the likes of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome (to name a few) that we know that empires eventually fall. Given the recent numbers published, Bitcoin appears to be going through its final stages of existence, to give birth to better avenues of investment in crypto, like HUH Token or Shiba Inu.

There seems to be an incline in meme coin investment and those seasoned in crypto appear to be favoring the emerging meme coins in search of financial success and stability.

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