Bandai Namco To Close Black Clover Phantom Knights’ Servers

We come bearing sad news: the servers for the Black Clover Phantom Knights mobile game will be coming to a close very soon. Bandai Namco recently announced this unfortunate news on all social media platforms, as well as the App Store, Play Store, and its official website.

When a game’s servers get closed, Japan is usually excluded from the list. However, it appears that this won’t be the case for this mobile title, as Black Clover Phantom Knights’ servers will be shut down across the globe.

Unfortunately, the developer and publisher Bandai Namco didn’t give an explanation as to why this unexpected closure will take place. The only information the company included in the game’s final message is the final date, along with a word of gratitude to those who supported the mobile game while it was still live.

Black Clover Phantom Knights is a mobile RPG directly based on the series entitled Black Clover by Yuki Tabata. Since it was highly successful as a manga series, it eventually got an anime adaption in 2017. A spin-off series followed after entitled Squishy! Black Clover.


If you’re unfamiliar with this series in general, Black Clover is about two orphans named Asta and Yuno. These two lived on the margins of the Clover Kingdom, which is a place where citizens are usually born with magic abilities.

Yuno grows up wielding powerful magic capabilities, while Asta was somehow born without any. The story sets off from there, with these two orphans doing everything they can to rise above the ranks of the Order of the Magic Knights.

While the Black Clover Phantom Knights mostly follows this storyline, it also has an original plot of its own, featuring familiar characters such as Asta, Noelle, and Yami. In addition to that, it features a brand-new character named Jien that’s completely original to the game.

Black Clover Phantom Knights is the type of roleplaying game wherein you have to defend your kingdom, while at the same time, you need to form the strongest Knights Brigade possible. As such, you are given free rein to choose which characters work best for your team, as you create strategies that ensure your victory.


The fun doesn’t end there, though: you can send out some of your brigade members to explore the kingdom. After their journey, the members you have deployed will bring back all kinds of items, some might even offer you hidden Dungeon Quests. Successfully completing these quests will provide you with even better items that will help you during battle.

Black Clover Phantom Knights was initially released in Japan’s app stores last 2018. Two years after, the mobile game’s English version was released in January of this year. Android users got to experience it first, while iOS users followed shortly after.

In other words, the title’s English release won’t even reach a year before the servers get shut down. In any case, fans have until December 9 to play the game as much as they want and to use up all their items before they have to say goodbye.

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