Black Ops: Cold War is the New Call of Duty

Black Ops: Cold War, the next Call of Duty game, has officially been announced through a new teaser video. As stated on the trailer, we can all expect a worldwide reveal on August 26.

The game is also based on true events; in fact, the trailer even features a warning by Yuri Bezmenov, a real-life KGB defector. Most of the trailer is compromised of Bezmenov’s recorded statements in the past, and historical footage plays in the background as he speaks. He also warns about “active measures” – tactics that are used to sabotage the government: demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and normalization.

“The time bomb is ticking. With every second, the disaster is coming closer and closer. The danger is real.”

It’s worth nothing that the game’s teaser was released on Pawn Takes Pawn, which is a website that fans were able to discover by taking part in the promotional ARG, as pointed out by Polygon.

The teaser’s release was timed with members of the Call of Duty community completing a multi-day ARG that involved various forms of Cold War-style code breaking, which led them to secret rooms inside the Verdansk map in Call of Duty: Warzone — which seems to imply there could be a connection between Black Ops: Cold War and Warzone. The ARG also included a variety of video tapes, each corresponding to a year in Cold War history, with similar clips to the ones in this teaser.

The website underwent several updates before the video’s official release, which helped the fans discover more information. For instance, John F. Kennedy was featured in one of the footage, and it was even hinted at that his assassination was caused by the protagonist of the original Black Ops.

That being said, the announcement of Black Ops: Cold War brings with it unfavorable opinions from Twitter users, especially when it comes to the name.

There’s a lot of information we have yet to uncover for Black Ops: Cold War, and we still don’t know how the game fits in the Call of Duty timeline. However, rest assured that by August 26, more of our questions will be answered.

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