Bringing Back A Friend To Fortnite Will Award Players With In-Game Cosmetics

Special cosmetic items are being given away via Fortnite’s Reboot A Friend program where players have to convince friends who haven’t played the game in a while to make their return to The Island. However, this initiative hasn’t been made globally available yet, but it is a distinct way to persuade players to return to the game, even for only a few rounds.

Not that Fortnite needs the Reboot a Friend initiative to retain its player base. Even though some of the most popular streamers have already left the game, it still remains as one of the most viewed titles on Twitch with a hundred thousand viewers at any given time.

Other games including Roblox have even tried to copy Fortnite’s live events because of the huge number of players that they attract. Yet, Fortnite still continues to provide new ideas that further increase its already colossal following.

While it has yet to be formally announced by Epic Games, gamers from Italy and Brazil have begun receiving invitations to the new Reboot A Friend program. According to reputable Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, the program will compensate players who play with friends who have not played Fortnite for quite some time.

The post didn’t mention how long a player has to have been away from the game for them to qualify for the initiative, but players can earn rewards depending on the number of matches played with the returning player. The Reboot A Friend program is apparently only being tested in Italy and Brazil as of writing and is only available for players who received an invitation from the developers.

There are four unique exclusive rewards that players can get when playing with their returning friends. After the first round, players will get the Reboot Emoticon. After five rounds, they will be rewarded with the Key Change Music Pack. After the tenth, the Twin Talons Pickaxe, and after the twentieth, the Holofoil Wrap.

It was not stated whether or not both players will get rewards after reaching a particular level. It is also uncertain when this initiative will be made available worldwide. However, the cosmetic items were revealed that they will be introduced in Chapter 2 Season 4, which means the program might be available to everyone this season.

Compensating players with free cosmetics is an excellent way to inspire them to finish whatever challenge they are tasked with. This has been a proven effective method for various Fortnite events such as its collaboration with Rocket League, the Marvel Knockout Super Series, and the Travis Scott concert. It is also a great way for Fortnite to retain its existing player base while attracting back former players who have been away from the game for a little too long.

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