Call of Duty: Mobile Patch Notes

Since the Season 9 update in Call Of Duty: Mobile the Molotov was changed from a scorestreak into a lethal plus a damage increase. The Molotov could now kill even on impact. Honestly, nobody realized how this was going to change the game.



The Garena version released some new patch notes. Apart from the much needed Molotov nerf, the QQ9 also got a nerf. It was a fan-favorite this season being the best SMG plus the Gunsmith made it into an overpowered weapon. The mag capacity of the Cordite was also changed.

EN Version General Balance

  • Red dot sights and holo sights no longer reduce ADS speed
  • Increase the sprint-to-fire speed of all weapons. Increase the sprint-to-ads speed of all weapons.
  • Reduces the hip-fire accuracy of Merc grip

Gun Balance

  • Chopper: Reduced hip-fire accuracy of heavy grip
  • Reduced the weapon sway (from breathing) of all sniper rifles and marksman rifles
  • Reduced the ADS speed debuff from attachments for sniper rifles and marksman rifles
  • QQ9: Increased the recoil and reduced damage to limbs
  • Arctic.50 with Stopping Power Mag has an increased fire rate, ADS speed, and recoil control
  • Pharo: Increased overall recoil and reduced damage to the lower body
  • BK57: Fixed the description of 7.62mm Mag. Updated description to say increased headshot damage
  • Cordite: ADS bullet spread accuracy is reduced. Ammo capacity of Extended Mags is reduced.

Throwable Balance

  • Molotov: Decrease damage per second and total duration. Initial damage will only happen after an explosion
  • Modification of BR Weapons Camos
  • Spawned weapons in BR will no longer have skins. Camos set by the players’ loadout will be applied instead.

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