Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6 Battle Pass Will Feature a Ton of New Content

Many fans have been awaiting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6, and the highly-anticipated day is almost here as the season starts on September 29. Season 6 will be adding a bunch of new content to the game, such as new maps in Modern Warfare, subway stations in Warzone, as well as a Battle Pass.

Season 6’s Battle Pass is also something worth getting excited over, as it comes with a ton of content that players can strive to unlock.

Now, when we say that the new season has a lot of new things, we’re not exaggerating. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6 will have 100 brand-new tiers of content. Some of these are Double XP tokens, Double Weapon XP tokens, emblems, calling cards, and so much more.

Other content highlights are the following: music tracks, new guns, new operators, and you will even find a flying bat.


One major addition that Activision has added to Warzone is the War Tracks. These are soundtracks you can collect in the game which you can then use to customize your vehicle. Doing so will definitely make your Warzone experience a more adrenaline-pumping one.

The soundtracks are composed of real songs as well as the music from other Call of Duty games from the past. It works similarly to playing music in Grand Theft Auto, as you will be able to blast songs in full volume while driving around. Although the downside is that you won’t be able to hear your surroundings, which is a must if you’re playing Call of Duty.

Of course, you can expect new weapons as well, since a new season of Call of Duty would not be complete without one. That being said, Season 6 will be bringing two new weapons to the table: the AS-VAL assault rifle and the SP-R 208 bolt-action rifle.

In addition to that, a VSS legendary assault rifle blueprint is also available as well as a blueprint for a screwdriver combat knife.

The AS-VAL assault rifle was previously datamined, so we’ve been expecting it. This assault rifle boasts a high rate of fire, and included with it is a suppressor. It’s a great weapon if you need stealth and accuracy.

The SP-R 208 bolt-action rifle, on the other hand, is considered to be one of the most accurate guns in Call of Duty.


Two new operators will be featured in the Battle Pass, namely Farah and Nikolai. Both of these characters are well-known in the Modern Warfare universe, and now they’re finally playable characters.

Finishing up the new additions, we have Edward the bat. You can use this friendly pet bat to attack enemies as a Finishing Move.

The normal Pass will cost 1,000 CP, and getting this will give you 100 tiers of content, Operator Farah, and up to 1,300 CP. The Battle Pass, on the other hand, will cost 2,400 CP. It will have the same features as the normal Pass, but it will also include 20 Tier Skips.

This will save you a significant 40%, especially if you were planning to get the Pass and the skips individually.

Without a doubt, this upcoming season will keep fans satiated for many months to come.

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