Call of Duty Warzone Fans Frustrated At Removal of Rebirth Island Trios

Call of Duty Warzone has removed the feature of trios for Rebirth Island in the hit battle royale game, and fans expressed their disappointment with it. This is not the first time players have called out the developers for pulling out a famous playlist feature, but it appears that those complaints have been put to the grave.

Since the start of the integrations of content between Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Rebirth Island is known to have fast-paced gameplay because of how small the map is. Resurrecting and being able to team up with the other individuals in the team has made it popular, especially with the two overpowered guns that players are using so much now – the DMR and MAC-10. However, even after problems with the incorporation of the two games, and fans beginning to get used to the new gameplay, Warzone changed its beat again.

Recently, Call of Duty Warzone has increased the number of individuals on a team for Rebirth Island, from three to four. A lot of players have gone on to say that this makes the mode less exciting, as it is already difficult enough to find the three teammates the players are teamed up with, but adding another makes it all that more insane.

Why did they remove the Rebirth Trios ? from CODWarzone

One Reddit user by the name of u/kayra551 actually made a mixed list displaying all the issues of the new game mode, stating that just as fans were starting to like the game again, Warzone made changes again and just made it worse.

Another user, u/ghostfatherLA, had commented on the post and said that they did the same thing to the Zombies Royale mode back during the Halloween event, where players who died would turn to zombies and get the opportunity to hunt down others to go back to life again. However, this was pulled out as well, despite the amazing feedback it received.

With how much withdrawal this decision has been receiving, it might not be that long before the developers realize its mistake and return its Trios mode, but there are no assurances that this will occur anytime soon.

With how many bugs have happened during the Warzone’s integration with Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, this might be Treyarch trying to repair something as they did with the helicopters, but again, nothing has been officially revealed. The mode has been removed without prior notice from the development team at Raven Studios and Treyarch.

As of writing, it appears that it’s really just a casual decision that has made a lot of fans infuriated. Perhaps if the developers realize what’s currently going on, they might put Trios back in Warzone, and Rebirth Island will be back to how it was initially.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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