As confirmed through in-game and development footage shown during the worldwide reveal, Call of Duty: WWII brings back many of the notable weapons from the Great War era. We were able to catch only glimpses of a few of the guns, though some were expressly revealed by Sledgehammer themselves.

Since Call of Duty: WWII is returning to its roots, many of these guns were seen in previous titles. Many of them will feature identical ammo capacities and firing rates, though the “feel” be different. The minute fine-tuning from CoD title after the CoD title should have the weapons feel more rewarding or fluid.

Without further ado, here are all the weapons confirmed for Call of Duty: WWII:

Thompson Submachine Gun

The Thompson was first seen after the initial reveal announcement as Activision changed their Call of Duty login page.


Call of Duty’s Tommy Gun is an infamous addition in every version it’s been featured in.


As an effective German bolt-action rifle, no World War II game feels complete without it. The Kar98K was shown for just a second in the trailer but was shown in greater detail during the behind-the-scenes footage.


M1918 BAR

Though heavily used in World War II, the BAR was not straight up shown during the reveal but was seen at various angles throughout the trailer. Its unique barrel separates it from most other World War II weaponry and will reappear in Call of Duty: WWII.


The soldier on the far right is holding the BAR.

M1 Bazooka

Shown in development footage of CoD: WWII, the Bazooka should come as no surprise. There may not always be vehicles to point it at, but there’s fun with using it on random enemies.


M1 Garand

Of all the World War II weapons, the M1 Garand is a unique and surprisingly fitting for shooters. Hearing the M1’s “ping” when emptied is, personally, extremely satisfying.



We may see this weapon available in the multiplayer, though it may be only available as a terrain-fixed addition on some maps.


M1903 Springfield

When playing as a sniper in Call of Duty: WWII, you should expect to unlock the M1903 Springfield at some point. The Springfield rivals the Kar98K in appearances in video games.


Grease Gun

Officially named the M3, this gun uses .45 caliber rounds just like the Thompson. The Grease Gun was cheaper to produce and lighter but was not as accurate.


Not all of these weapons will be available in Call of Duty: WWII’s multiplayer, though everything should be included in the single-player campaign.

Call of Duty: WII pre-orders are now available and the game releases on November 3 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.