Not only is Bungie changing the weapon slot system in Destiny 2, they are also implementing a new category of gun: the submachine gun. Following the gameplay reveal of the game, Bungie allowed attendees to playtest an early version of Destiny 2, which held a number of different weapons including three new Exotics.

Submachine Guns

During his playtest, MoreConsole found two different submachine guns available for the Titan Striker: the Phosphoros MG4 and the Red Mamba-3MG. Both of the two submachine guns found were classed in the new Energy weapon slot.

destiny 2 submachine gun

It seems as though all of the submachine guns with have a shared perk, Lightweight, which allows you to move faster while using an SMG. As shown in both pictures, there’s a second modifier that may be randomly assigned when the gun is dropped. The two modifiers shown are:

  • Melee kills reload a portion of the magazine.
  • Grants a short period of Increased Stability and Accuracy on initial trigger pull.

destiny 2 submachine gun

You can preview some of the other weapons that are included for the Titan Striker in the video below.

Exotic Weapons

Three of the new Exotic weapons were available during the Destiny 2 playtest: the Sunshot, Sweet Business, and Riskrunner.


The Sunshot is a hand cannon and was given to all Hunters during the playtest. The weapon deals 200 attack damage, and can shoot 150 rounds per minute. Here are the perks for the Sunshot are the following:

  • Sunburn, which produces explosive rounds which highlight targets.
  • Sunshot, which makes enemies explode in Solar Energy.

Sweet Business

Sweet Business is the Exotic auto-rifle carried by the Titan Striker subclass available after the gameplay reveal. It deals 200 damage and can fire up to 360 rounds per minute. Here are the perks that were attached to the weapon during the playtest:

  • Payday increases hip fire accuracy and total ammunition in the magazine.
  • The other perk title isn’t actually listed and only shows a placeholder icon. However, when you hold down the trigger, you will receive a boost to the weapon’s range and rate of fire. In addition, whenever you pick up ammunition, it’ll automatically load into your magazine.


The Riskrunner was provided to the Warlock class during the event playtest. The Exotic Warlock weapon is an SMG which deals 200 damage at 750 rounds per minute. As for perks, it has the following:

  • Arc Conductor increases your weapon’s power when you take Arc Damage.
  • The other perk adds a modifier to the weapon allowing it to fire chain lightning shots and return ammo. This perk only activates when Arc Conductor is active.

You can preview the Exotic weapons in the video below.

Destiny 2 releases on September 8 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while the PC version has no set release date yet.

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