Capcom Releasing Resident Evil 25th Anniversary Boxsets, But Only In Japan

When it comes to survival horror games, Resident Evil is arguably the ultimate word, and the franchise is still going strong today. It shows no signs of slowing off anytime soon, with some of the titles in the series selling in the tens of millions.

The publisher is gearing up to release a flurry of boxsets to the gaming world since Resident Evil celebrated its 25th anniversary earlier this year. The disadvantage is that they will not be available internationally.

The Resident Evil sets will cover the whole franchise up to the most recent installment. There will be three boxsets in all. The first installment will include Resident Evil 0 as well as remakes of the previous three games.


The second set will have Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6, while the third set will include Resident Evil 7, Village, as well as a collection of art postcards. These new installments are being released to commemorate the series’ quarter-century anniversary.

Regrettably, it appears that they will only be sold in Japan. There appear to be no intentions to distribute to Western countries as of the publication of this article. The boxsets will be available in Japan on November 25th for 5,900 Yen (about $54).

That isn’t to say that gamers in the United States and Europe won’t be able to get their hands on them; the sets will be available for import. The remakes, as well as RE7 and Village, are likely to be banned, according to a report from Rely on Horror.


It would be a pity if Capcom didn’t do something to commemorate Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary for western audiences. Still, it’s quite conceivable that something is on the way that has yet to be revealed.

One thing that would be very welcome, especially while Capcom is releasing these special boxsets, is confirmation from the publisher on whether Resident Evil 4 will be recreated or not. It’s something that has been teased and rumored for some time now, and it would be remiss of the company not to acknowledge that the fan base is hoping for a remake or remaster of one of the most popular games in the whole franchise.

With the franchise on the rise again after a rocky midsection, fans may be looking forward to a Resident Evil 9 sequel. Given the popularity of the last two games, it’s highly conceivable that Capcom has started early work on it. Resident Evil is far too profitable for them to abandon.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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