Spain and Latin America are two markets that have undergone many changes in their betting and gaming landscapes over the last few years. With Brazil forging ahead with the legalization of all gambling and Spain making some amendments to its existing laws, these two markets have proven to be a focal point for technology companies.

Today, we take a look at some of the more significant changes that have taken place in the Latin American market and helped shape consumer interest in gaming and interactive betting, which continues to gain popularity.

1. The Advance of Mobile and Interactive Betting

One of the biggest changes to the region’s gambling landscape has been the introduction of mobile online casinos. While many casino operators consider brick-and-mortar operations to be sufficient, demand for a more convenient product that is accessible within a few clicks has grown. As much of our lives, there is a sense of urgency to do everything on the go, and gambling is no different.

This has been a defining development philosophy for many years now and Latin America, and Spain for that matter, is quickly evolving to move with the times. Players will find themselves excited to have access to cutting-edge Android and iOS apps that allow them to connect with their favorite casinos and always stay connected.

2. The Rise of Cashless Payments

While Spain and Latin America remain fairly skeptical of digital payments, there has been a notable trend in the adoption rate of such payment methods. This has allowed many consumers, sports bettors, and casino players to enjoy more swift and reliable payment methods. While some have shunned those options, others have welcomed them for their:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Accessibility
  • Safeguards

Cashless payments have become synonymous with security and trust; precisely what matters to consumers at the end of the day. Thanks to the high pace of adoption of such payment methods, people are able to quickly and efficiently carry out deposits, request withdrawals, and always verify that the amount transacted is accurate.

Not only that, but cashless payments help in many other ways in the gaming industry. They save time that would normally take to go to a physical location and they minimize germ-transference. That may seem like a small consideration, but it’s actually very important in this time of Coronavirus.

3. New Technologies In Gaming

Not least, companies working on the ground floor of iGaming have been introducing more in the way of new technologies when it comes to game mechanics. While some studios have been happy to reiterate old familiar mechanics in new shapes and forms, some companies have decided to innovate as much as they can.

Many developers are embracing new technologies that allow them to build more compelling products that try to push the envelope of the entire industry and in turn create new games that people are happy to play. These new technologies for casinos come in many forms. They could be:

Each of these novelties is designed to introduce and help people get a better entertainment value for the time and effort they spend on playing. Players are very welcome to pick the tech and innovation they are fond of and they can rest assured that both Latin America and Spain are developing a series of worthwhile innovative products that are designed to bolster the iGaming experience.

4. Innovation in Land-Based Casinos

Naturally, innovation is not just limited to online casinos and gaming. In fact, many brick-and-mortar casinos are attempting to fully grasp what they have on their hands. As such they are beginning to introduce numerous helpful options to the casino floors that are inspired by iGaming trends.

For example, many people can visit a land-based casino today and use mobile apps to carry out many activities on-site. They can even make cashless payments in order to minimize waiting times and once again avoid touching too many surfaces in a casino.


Betting and gaming experiences have evolved and technology has followed suit to meet consumer demands. Over the past years, casino operators have been able to find many innovative solutions to create better experiences for their players. From cashless payments to social responsibility tools and all that is in-between Latin American and Spanish gamers are enjoying a technology-fueled gaming renaissance. What the future holds for gaming tech isn’t 100% clear, but it is certainly set to go through Latin America.

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