Are you curious as to what direction the casino industry is headed and what kind of technology online casinos will make use of in the future? Have you ever noticed that online casino games seem to be getting a lot more gamified and want to know what this might lead to?

Since its start, video game technology has constantly changed and evolved, and it has come so far from here it was. Starting off as a fun little pixelated game you could play in a two-dimensional style, this was revolutionary at the time. However, since then, the gaming world had developed and changed, introducing better gaming visuals, more lifelike features, and even seemingly futuristic technology such as virtual reality.

Online casinos, although they aren’t necessarily video games, have caught on to the fact that the younger generation enjoys the more gamified style of games and has introduced this into their gambling games through gamification. There are now so many different games you can play in this gamified style, and if you are wanting to know how this works, continue reading.

Cloud gaming

One of the newest features that emerged from the video gaming industry is cloud gaming, which has offered a lot of benefits to many players around the world. Essentially how cloud gaming works is that players can use any laptop or desktop computer, and be able to play any game they want, without needing the requirements to do so.

This is possible since it’s almost like streaming; players are able to connect to servers and stream the game whilst controlling it. This means that players are now able to play whatever games they want without needing to worry about whether their system requirements allow it. At the moment, only the best Online casinos have adopted this technology and are now making it available to players.

VR and AR

The video gaming industry realized that the one thing that players want is to feel like they are actually in the video game. This desire came from wanting an even higher level of immersion than what was currently available. Since virtual reality and augmented reality technology was introduced to players, it has changed the face of gaming.

Online casinos realized this potential and quickly adapted to using it. Online casinos are now releasing virtual reality games which allow players to feel like they are actually at a casino, without leaving the comfort of their living room. One of the first online casinos was Casino Billions and was released in around 2016. This forever changed the way that players gambled, and brought a new level of immersion that is yet to be beat.

Mobile gaming

When online casinos first launched, players around the world rejoiced since they were finally able to play from home. Not only did this allow for more convenience, it meant that players who were not able to leave home before to gamble were able to do this.

Today, there are thousands of online casinos to choose from, each very different from the next. The next most popular thing was mobile casinos, which launched around 2005 and offered the same convenience that online casinos do and more.

Now players are able to play on the go, be connected to a stable internet connection, have access to even more bonuses, and play games specifically designed for mobile casinos.

Better slot games

One of the most popular casino games of all time are slot games, and one could say that they are by far the most iconic of all casino games. The slot games of today are vastly different to the slot games of the past, especially when they were first introduced to the world.

The original slot games basically only used a few cards with the classic symbols that almost everyone knows, and consisted of 5 reels. There was nothing fancy about them, and the enjoyment came from winning.

Slot games of today however have been gamified. This basically means that elements from video games have been added to them to make them more entertaining. These features range from bonus levels, free spins when getting certain combinations, storylines, and improved visuals.