If you are playing Minecraft using your Nintendo Switch, there are times when you need to connect your Microsoft account to your Nintendo Switch. So here, we will present to you how.

But before anything else, just in case you are unaware, the www.microsoft.com link is optional, and it is really not necessary if you want to play Minecraft on Nintendo Switch. However, it is an entirely free account that you can use to sign in on any device.

How To Connect Microsoft Account To Your Nintendo Switch

Before we head over to the steps, here is a rundown of what you will need—first, a Minecraft Bedrock account. Second, the device you will be playing on. In this case, Nintendo Switch. Third, a Microsoft account. Lastly, a computer or phone to connect to your Microsoft account. The last requirement is only needed for setup.

  1. Launch Minecraft on your device. Click on the “Play” button. If your screen shows the button in the bottom left that states, “Sign in with a Microsoft Account,” you can click this button and proceed to the third step.

  1. Click on the “Find Cross-Platform Friends” button. This means that your account can connect with accounts on other devices, such as PlayStation’s, Xbox’s, and tablets.

  1. Click “Sign in for Free.”

  1. You should see the screen as pictured below. Please remain on the screen while you follow the next steps until you are done.

  1. Connect your PC or phone to this website,  https://login.live.com/oauth20_remoteconnect.srf, with your unique login code. Ensure you use the code on your device, not the sample picture above.

  1. Enter your Microsoft Account email address. If you do not have a Microsoft account, click the “Create One!” button and proceed to step 10. 

  1. Make a password for your Microsoft account.

  1. You should see this screen. See the image below.

  1. After around a minute connecting your Microsoft account, you should see this screen below. Click “Let’s Play,” and you have successfully connected your device to your Microsoft account. 

Next are the steps you take if you do not have a Microsoft account.

  1. Next to “No account?”, click “Create one!”

  1. Type in your email address. Make sure it is an actual email address you can access because Microsoft will send a confirmation email. Then, create a password.

  1. You will receive an email with the confirmation code. Enter the code in the space provided.

  1. You may be asked to solve puzzles to prove you are not a robot.
  2. Key in the below information, then confirm if you would like this account to stay logged into. 

  1. Enter your Gamertag. Then, click “Let’s play!” You just created your Microsoft account. 

How To Sign In To Nintendo Switch

  1. Once you reach the Minecraft game home screen, you must choose “Sign In with A Microsoft account.”
  2. Then, this would bring up a screen that would actually provide you with a unique code consisting of eight digits and would instruct you to proceed to Remote Connect Page. 
  3. Complete your signing-in by entering the eight-digit code.

How To Link Microsoft.com To Your Nintendo Account

  1. After you create a user account, choose system settings on the home menu.
  2. Scroll down to highlight users.
  3. Choose the appropriate user account so you can access the profile settings.
  4. Choose Link Nintendo Account.
  5. Tap Create a New Account to set up a new Nintendo account. 

Final Thoughts

Those are pretty much it on how to connect your Microsoft account to your Nintendo Switch. We hope that this guide has cleared your doubts and queries about this matter. ‘Til next time!

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