Chronic tardiness can have an impact on your business in more ways than one. Customers can be impacted if employees do not arrive at work on time. Other employees can begin to lose morale if their teammates are constantly showing up late with no real consequences. This can begin to have a domino effect, and before long you have a real problem on your hands. Time clock software is one way to get this situation under control.

Unless management is sitting beside the job clock at the start of every shift, they may not realize each time an employee is tardy. Going through timecards and records to determine when an employee arrived can be time-consuming, and your managers usually have other, more pressing matters to deal with than going back through each employee’s time cards.

So how can you control this problem without adding all that manual work effort to a manager’s day? Time clock software is the answer.

Online time clock software has many benefits, and controlling chronic tardiness is just one of those benefits. Instead of manually going through timecards each day or week, a manager can simply generate a report from the software that will show which employees were late. The software will automatically sync up the schedule versus the actual times worked, so it knows immediately who was late and how late they were. A manager can access this data with the click of a button.

In addition to accessing historical tardiness data, a manager may choose to set up alerts so that they are notified instantly when an employee is late for a shift. This may be especially beneficial when one particular employee is having a chronic tardiness issue.

When the employee clocks in, the manager can get an alert on his or her smartphone if the employee is late for a shift. This way, the manager can address the situation in a timely manner. Timely coaching is usually more effective than discussing tardiness with someone days or even weeks after the occurrence.

Not only can the manager give near real-time coaching when an employee is late, but the web-based time clock software itself can be set up to provide reminders about timeliness. If an employee clocks in late for a shift, the time clock app can display a message letting the employee know they are late and set expectations about a timely arrival to work.

These messages from time clock software can help give employees more accountability for their timely arrival to work. By being reminded about these occurrences and knowing that management has easy access to tardiness reports, they are more likely to arrive at work on time and stay for their entire shift. This accountability can also rub off on other employees. Pretty soon, everyone is arriving on time and taking more pride in their work because they understand how important punctuality is to the organization.

Finally, employee timesheet software can help control chronic tardiness because the late arrivals will automatically be reflected in an employee’s paycheck. Since the software will automatically create payroll based on time worked, the employee will not be paid for the time they did not work. When their tardiness begins to affect their paycheck, they are more likely to take things seriously.

If chronic tardiness is an issue within your organization, consider implementing time clock software to help prevent the issue. There are many ways it can help with this and preventing tardiness will have a huge positive impact on your business. The longer you wait to address the problem, the more time and money will be wasted while it lingers.