If you’re doing your own SEO, you will likely have read a lot about the basics: content creation, backlinks, competitor analysis, keyword analysis, and so on. But if you’re looking to continuously improve and reach the top of the SERP, you will need to take your SEO game to the next level. Here are a few tricks for you to use.

Mine Wikipedia for Authority

Wikipedia is a highly authoritative domain. If you have information that supports Wikipedia’s pages you can form a symbiotic relationship by providing a citation and receiving high-quality link juice in return. Wikipedia has a constant supply of links that previously worked but no longer do, which you can find and claim as your own!

Citation needed opportunities are those where a statistic or fact needs a source. Dead link opportunities are links that don’t work anymore and need a replacement. If you can be a credible source and you really do your homework when you create your content, you can get valuable links from Wikipedia.

You can search for link opportunities with WikiGrabber, into which you can enter keywords and find relevant citations needed or dead link opportunities. You can do the same with Google by searching site: “[Insert Keyword]” “dead link”.

You can even use this as a content ideas generator, by finding dead links and writing a thoroughly researched article about it. You need to make sure your evidence is clearly stated because if you just link back to a flimsy transparent piece of content, the link will be contested and taken down.

Beefed-Up Content

It has become more than cliché to say that content is king and there are many people who have rightly criticized this notion. Content is an important part of any SEO strategy as it helps you to acquire links. If the content is good, hopefully, these links will be a high authority. If it is really good, you will get high authority links as well as genuinely interested viewers. That is when many people take the time to outsource to another company.

ALT Agency, an SEO agency in Birmingham, is among a growing number of agencies that are starting to integrate PR with SEO. Their strategy involves creating key content for the site and then using a PR outreach team to distribute it across a network of extremely high authority domains like BBC and Forbes. This form of beefed-up content is like an injection into your SEO strategy and playing the PR game could likely be key when battling for a place in the top 3 results.

Use a Keyword Tool to Research Competitors

Your competitors are probably doing SEO, so why not spy on them? You can use a keyword tool (there are loads around the net: just search ‘competitor keyword tool’) to analyze a competitor’s URL.

These tools output the frequently searched-for keywords that the URL is optimizing for, as well as data that will help you decide which keywords are best for PPC campaigns — monthly search volume, cost per click, estimated competition. Once you have had a look at your competitor’s keywords, find the holes in their strategy that you can exploit and funnel your SEO efforts into doing so!