what is motivation

No man is an island. You have probably heard this saying at one time or another. It may be such a cliché, but it is true. Every person, no matter how introverted, still reacts with others. The truth is, every person cannot just live alone, no matter what he does. And because people interact with others, these people around him affect what kind of person he is. In fact, the whole environment of a person has an effect on his character. But mostly though, its the other people around that influence the character of each individual.

Unfortunately, bad things can come out of this. If a child grows in a sleazy neighborhood, chances are that child will grow to be up to no good. This is not a generalization, though, but it is a most likely situation. If a person works in a highly stressful environment, chances are he or she will be irritable and snappish. Fortunate are those who live in a warm and loving environment.

This does not mean though that if you live in a not-so-ideal environment, you cannot do something about it. If you really want to be happy in life, work towards creating the right environment. Know the
people you interact with. Improve your inner strength by recognizing those people that bring you down and stay away from them. If they make you behave badly and against your beliefs, try reaching out and make them see the harm of their actions. But if you cannot help, then you better stay clear of them before you cast away your morals entirely.

Friends are important aspects of life. However, if they hurt you or make you do things that hurt others, then they are not really your friends, are they? Friends are there to help you, as you would help them. They are there to share with the fun but also with the pains and challenges. If they desert you during hard times, then they are not worth your attention.

Creating the right environment does not only mean having the right company. It also includes having the right space. Take your house, for example. If it is messy, smelly, and disorderly in general, some negativity will surely affect your character. But as mentioned, there are things you can do to remedy this. Make sure you live in a clean environment, in a space where it is healthy both for the body and mind. If your work is seriously bothering you, then do your best to make that environment good for you. If that would not work, then maybe you should seriously consider finding another workplace.

But probably the most important point here is that creating the right environment starts with one’s self. Be a person that is good towards others because you too are an influence for other people. Believe in
yourself and be positive. Life is not that bad, and it would be even better if you do your best to make it so. Create the right environment!