Online Reputation

What is Online Reputation?

Reputation is a part of the identity of an entity (person, business, site, organization, brand) which sets it apart from other entities. Reputation, in general, is the long term impression of an identity with which society perceives that establishment or individual.

Online reputation refers to how one is viewed in online circles as a whole. Attributes like social behavior, cooperation, coordination, compliance, attitude, views mostly influence the entities reputation.

Online reputation and embarrassments 

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the Internet has become more accessible to the public. Due to this every word we say, every view we have and every action we take is scrutinized by people we do know, and if it goes out of control, by people, we don’t know via tweets, messages, posts, etc. Losing control over our privacy is where the seed of downslide of our online reputation is sown.

So how exactly is our online reputation ruined? 

We always have some moments which we wouldn’t want to be exposed online. Be it an embarrassing drunken video of us, or an online argument or photos, messages, comments we post online which we are not very proud of. These contents create both favorable and unfavorable impressions of us to different people, which affects our reputation in the long term.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ are various social networking sites where we share everything, but there are certain things which we would probably not want to go public. We can prevent ourselves from putting them up online, but we can’t control others from posting. Like friends posting weird pictures or videos of us, our ex posting love letters we gave them and sometimes even hate posts against us. Sure we can report against them, but by then our reputation already lies in tatters. Some people even make it their agenda to destroy our reputation and don’t stop until they achieve it.

However, all this is preventable by keeping a clean image and by limiting our online exposure. Most of the other times, we ourselves are the reason for our undoing by-

Being over-opinionated– Sure, we all must have our own opinions, which probably might defer from others. But sometimes it’s a good idea to keep them to ourselves, especially in matters which don’t concern us. Our opinions may cause people to think we’re arrogant and in most cases, give us the tag of being opinionated.

Posting controversial photos/posts – Posting inflammatory photos like burning flags or of cruelty towards animals, photos of us which we might later regret, distasteful or racist posts or hateful comments is a strict no-no. These things leave such a digital footprint that people might view them even after they are deleted.

Spamming– No one, absolutely NO one likes spams. Never send spams.

Living our lives online– Starting and ending relationships online, letting people know each and everything that happens in our lives, posting personal stuff and being online just about the whole day doesn’t really plant a good image of us in people’s minds.

Being Socially Awkward– If you don’t know how to behave or talk to people, please just shut up. No one likes abusers, flirts, or stalkers. Sending friend request randomly, flirting with strangers, and hurling out abuses is definitely not the way to go.

Not respecting opinions of consumers– The Internet has made it very easy for consumers to make their frustrations known. Even one unhappy consumer can destroy a companies reputation. So brands have to be very careful with the service they provide.

Brand Ambassadors kicking up a storm– People perceive the image of a brand the way they perceive it’s brand ambassadors. So if your ambassador is Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong or any such controversial individual…..Good Luck!

All said and done, our online reputation today defines who we are and how we are perceived. Some companies check the online background of people before hiring them. Negative reviews of a company affect its sales. So it’s important for people and brands to maintain a clean image. Management companies and online websites are there which help people maintain it. So next time you do anything….think. The world is watching.