Cris Tales To Be Pushed Back Until 2021

Modus Games has recently announced the sad news that the indie title Cris Tales is going to be pushed back to 2021. The title was supposed to be released on November 17, but now, Cris Tales doesn’t have a specific release date only a release window.

It’s safe to say that this wasn’t an easy decision to make for the developers, and this can be seen in the way the developers expressed regret in their announcement. Cris Tales broke the news on its official Twitter account, along with a developer message on Modus Games’ website.

The game’s development started some time in 2014 and was supposed to launch this year. Sadly, the team behind the game encountered a couple of obstacles, which isn’t a rare thing to happen this year.

As we’re all aware, countless games have been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and as a result, developers have been working at home. There’s another reason for the delay, though: the developers wanted to further improve Cris Tales and fix any ongoing issues the game may have.

A demo for Cris Tales was previously released on consoles, and many fans who played the demo gave their criticisms and suggestions to the developers. Now, the developers want to make the necessary adjustments to the game based on those feedbacks, ensuring that players have the best possible experience while playing Cris Tales.

On the bright side, those who plan to play Cris Tales can expect the game to be more polished once it gets officially released next year.

For those unfamiliar, Cris Tales follows the story of Time Mage Crisbell, who is on a mission to stop the villainous Time Empress and change the future. In order to do so, she needs to traverse Crystallis and the four Kingdoms.

On her crucial journey, Crisbell will come across powerful companions such as Willhelm the Child Mage and Matias the Frog. Each of these allies come with their own abilities that are meant to help you succeed in your mission.

RPG fans who enjoy turn-based combat will surely enjoy this one, as it offers over 20 hours of thrilling gameplay. In addition to that, Cris Tales has more than one ending that fans can experience. However, there’s a True Ending that will need a bit of strategizing if you want to see it for yourself.


Every decision you make in Cris Tales affects how the game proceeds and ends. As such, it’s possible to replay the game multiple times and not get the same ending.

When creating the game, the developers drew inspiration from classic JRPG titles such as Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, and Valkyrie Profile, as well as more recent games like Persona 5 and Bravely Default.

As for its art and visuals, Cris Tales features 2D hand-drawn art with animation that was painstakingly done frame-by-frame.

If you’re interested in experiencing Cris Tales’ charm for yourself, the game’s Debut Demo is currently available on Steam as well as the official site. The demo will give you a better idea of the gameplay, so be sure to check it out when you can.

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